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Using behringer x32 with logic pro x free

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Are there issues? Is there a preferred way to configure? PreSonus, of course, wants one to think their StudioLive consoles are the perfect DAW interfaces, but is there really any difference? I receive this question or some form of it often! When I browse through forums and groups there are a LOT of differing opinions on this too.

It truly comes down to personal preference. For the recording audio engineer, this would be the main program they capture audio from their studio and then mix an album with it. It was a MESS to set up but was really awesome to get recording back then. I look at how easy the X32 is to set up, and it is easy to laugh at what we had to go through only 15 years ago.

But, onto the DAW! Here is a list of the main DAW programs that are out there. In a bit, I will explain my main favorites. As you can see, there are several available, and I only listed 22! This list can honestly go on and on. Once you select your DAW, you need to get your audio interface set up. The audio interface is going to be the main audio input and output of your DAW. The higher quality audio interface you get in this location, the higher quality recordings you are going to produce.

All three of these cards use USB as the main connection to your computer, so we need to connect up the USB cable from our computer to the card. This is one area where many people get stuck. Since there are so many configurations out there, Google will be your best friend in regards to specific driver problems. Lastly, make sure you are up to date on all updates for the firmware of the board as well as software updates for your computer.

Once you have drivers installed and working, then you are set and ready to go with using your interface for recording! This is pretty incredible and will let you multitrack record all of your 32 channels at the same time!

I am a live sound engineer WAY more than I am a recording guy, and honestly, that is my preference at this point in my life. I would rather refer recording and mixing albums out to colleagues who are WAY more gifted in this area than I.

I love the raw, untamed, and sometimes uncontrollable aspect of live sound. Having random problems arise and working through them to create a live production moving lots of energy through the air, that is what fuels me.

What I love about Tracks Live is that when you open the program, it asks you for the sound interface, then will calculate the maximum amount of channels the interface support.

Tracks Live will then create that many channels and depending on settings can arm and start recording right away. It will route on both the input and output side, with no needed input from me. The beauty of this is how simple it is to get set up and working. It is fast and it always works. AKA one less thing I have to worry about!

Lastly, the other great thing about this program is it is free! Check it out! Also while you are at Waves, check out the plugins there! Reaper is a great inexpensive DAW that is really powerful and simple to use.

When I am mixing something down from a weekend or for an album, I will typically use Reaper as it is what I have always used! The other cool thing about Reaper is that the trial is a fully functional program during the trial period. So, you can fully test the program with no limitations to see if it is right for you. No list is complete without ProTools.

It is the industry standard for DAW and has been around forever. Venue Link will automatically do all of the routing and copy all of the channel names into the separate tracks inside of ProTools. Not only that but when I recall a snapshot during a live show, it will mark when I recalled that snapshot.

At a later time when I am doing virtual sound check, when I recall that snapshot on the console, it will automatically take ProTools to that specific spot in the recording. This program is a beast. Ableton is one of the most popular backing tracks programs out there. If you are looking for a way to record audio from the Behringer X32 and play it back internally without the need for an external computer, you should check out the Behringer X-Live Expansion Card.

This card allows you to record and playback 32 channels of audio on SD cards plugged directly into the X-Live card. I have a blog post about it here! All of them bring a different flavor of functionality and workflow. To find your favorite, start downloading some and try them out! This form collects information we will use to send you updates, reminders, and special deals.

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Using behringer x32 with logic pro x free.Your Questions: What DAW Would You Recommend with the X32?


Remember Me? The No. Today\’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more. Hey guys, I\’m having some trouble figuring out how to run the setup that I want to run and thought I would see if anyone has suggestions or tips.

I have the focusrite that works great. The problem is that when I plug in the USB 2. There\’s also an ethernet port for remote control on the X32, but I think that it is for hooking up a router to be able to control the X32 with your iPad. I haven\’t been able to set it up yet where my X32 will control my logic pro X sessions as in moving the faders on my tracks and so forth. Any suggestions, tips? Thanks so much in advance.

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