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Best puzzle games pc free


Worlds like this bring me a sense of comfort and peace, which is attributable to my sometimes loner moods. When your princess has been abducted, you decide that you will go through any length to get her back! Travel through different worlds, solve puzzles, and rescue her from doom! It seems to be a mix of Mario and puzzle games, but it does have its own story to follow and is completely worth giving a try!

Easy to control, you will not want to put this game down! Make your way through each world, but be careful to avoid the dangers that lurk around every corner! If building insanely clever machines is what you like to do most with your time, then you need to check out The Incredible Machine!

Drag different objects onto the screen to get different objects from one place to another. Maneuver them through various obstacles to get to the end goal and build up a high score. Each level provides a bit of variation as you use everyday objects to complete your goals.

Who would have thought that you could make getting a ball from point A to point B so insanely difficult?! You wake up alone in a strange yet beautiful land that is inviting you into all of its secrets. Explore the island by solving puzzles and figure out what exactly is going on here. The world is quite charming and peaceful, but you never know what you might run into! You will want to play this entire game through as you overcome different obstacles to figure your way off of the land!

And watch out, because someone could be watching You awake in a whole new world that is full of mystery and trials that you must get through in order to reach the end. Grasping and not letting go of the number one spot on our list of best puzzle games for PC is none other than The Swapper. Deep in space, you will use a cloning device to create more versions of yourself that will allow you to move through this bizarre atmosphere much easier.

Solve puzzles and figure your way through the maze of the introspective universe. This new universe is beautiful but strangely suspicious at the same time! In The Swapper you hold the ability to clone yourself, so you can reach various places that are normally unreachable. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards.

Your XP: 0. Updated: 03 Dec am. Speak to suspicious characters and try to solve puzzles before you run out of time Or patience. BY: Melissa Walker. Puzzle Agent. More on this topic: puzzle. Reigning from Texas, Melissa is overachieving in her career as a romance guru and world dictator.

The goal is to collect points as quickly as you can, which means try not to hit anything. This game is a peaceful, mind-numbing experience. Each level is randomly generated, so you can play again and again with a new experience each time. There are two modes to the game—one in the air and one in the water. Fight against gravity in the air as you grapple around, trying not to fall. In the water, your buoyancy is trying to make you float to the surface, so it pushes against you in the opposite way as you move.

The game rewards you as you gain momentum, implementing music or burning a bright path into the air as you weave between blocks. Download Floating Point. Though no game can claim to be as grand as Portal, Gravitas comes close. Manipulate gravity to help you solve increasingly difficult puzzles and try not to die along the way. The gallery will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test. Many of the puzzles are lethal, so watch out. This cute game has a lot of positives.

Good graphics, charming humor, unique mechanics—what more could you ask for? The curator of the exhibit, a small robot that leads you around, is the creator of the puzzles. He grows increasingly frustrated the more you solve his puzzles and has unique dialogue if you run past him without listening.

If you like Portal or just want a pleasant game to play, definitely check this one out. Download Gravitas. In Cube Escape: Paradox, play as a detective who has lost his memories. This point-and-click game is full of twists and turns as you try to escape, slowly uncovering memories along the way. Solve puzzles and, eventually, find your way out. With an overarching story and some mind-boggling puzzles, the creators put a twist on escape rooms to keep players intrigued and make them want to keep playing.

Download Cube Escape: Paradox. In this point-and-click game, nothing is as it seems. Samsara Room is an escape room that seems impossible to escape. This is a remake of the original Samsara Room, completely reassembled by upgrading the puzzles, story, graphics, and soundtrack. The creators have continued to make puzzle games and escape rooms, but no one can forget a classic. In the one that started it all, witness the wonderful soundtrack and unique puzzles. It stretches the limits of the typical four walls of an escape room and keeps you interested as you dive in.

For a truly one-of-a-kind escape room experience, download the game and find your way out. Download Samsara Room. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 21 May pm.

BY: Katelin McDougald. Who doesn\’t like free things? More on this topic: free games free puzzle games puzzle games. A true bard at heart, Katelin lives to inspire, often found in the holds of Skyrim or the taverns of Novigrad. She\’s always down for a round of Gwent and is often seen running from creepers. Gamer Since: Kitchen climbing Help this little drop out in Drop Alive. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Fancy portaling with a friend?

Where the single player narrative leaves you to figure out the puzzles in solitude While AAA horror games can scare you with beautiful graphics, hours of gameplay that develops tension, and a team of writers writing a single story to perfection, the games that are sold for free have a GREATLY smaller budget and so they must adapt to provide the players with the creeps. Top 10 New Puzzle Games Puzzles and brain teasers have perplexed even the most agile minds since ancient times. The modern age has brought these to consoles and handheld devices to delight those who enjoy a challenge with their entertainment.

Bejeweled 3 is a classic addition to this sub-genre of puzzle games, and needs no further introduction. It\’s a game anyone can get sucked into for hours upon hours, and while it lacks greater meaning and substance, it\’s truly addicting at its core. Puzzles can either be solved solo or with a friend, and if you happen to fall into the latter category of preference, there\’s a whole market of puzzle games out there for you.

One of such is We Were Here Together, where you and your friend are explorers of the Antarctic and are called to help your colleagues in the middle of the night. While there are elements of a horror game , the game is more of a thriller and involves a lot of teamwork. It\’s the best test of any friendship, to try and figure out if the two of you can make it out together in this escape room style game.

Games that play tricks on your mind can be a headache to get through, but Superliminal is a whole lot of exciting, fun, and extremely weird. Your surroundings are definitely not what you think they are in this game where everything you see and hear should be questioned at all times. By changing the size of objects and moving them around, the task of the player is to find their way through a strange environment while gathering collectibles and completing certain challenges.

It\’s a game worth coming back to time and time again, one that will no doubt make you question reality. A lot of puzzle games can be really frustrating, even for the most talented players and logical thinkers. However, many users on Steam have described Hexcells as the opposite of that, even if the game does provide a new challenge with each new world or level. This numeric puzzle game is incredibly zen, and reportedly better than minesweeper in many regards.

The player won\’t be tasked with solving the same puzzle with the same rules over and over again. As they progress, these rules shift and change to provide a fresh puzzle. There\’s no other puzzle game quite as aesthetically pleasing as LYNE.

With a simplistic yet beautiful color palette and a nice geometric look, this game is meant to calm a player\’s soul while also challenging them mentally level after level. LYNE is all about connecting the shapes, which might seem like an easy task at first. However, as the difficulty rises, it requires a lot of creative, out-of-the-box thinking.

After the player progresses enough, they can also unlock new color schemes for their game. Puzzles can be a lonely experience at times, which is why it\’s cool to have titles like this one to actually engage people in a co-op and even VR experience.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a party game which forces players to work together in order to defuse a bomb. Essentially, one player is tasked with defusing a complex bomb, while the others have the guide on how to do it, but can\’t actually see the bomb.

It\’s the perfect team puzzle game experience for an ice breaker, or just to build more synergy in a group and have fun. Fans of games like Portal and The Stanley Parable will definitely appreciate Antichamber, which drops the player in the middle of an absurdly strange yet malleable world.

In order to proceed forward, the player must interact with their environment using a gun that can manipulate matter. The game is deceptively simple-looking, but has a ton of complexity and weirdness to it.

Its environment is massive and almost dream-like, which makes it a unique experience. A word of warning, however, that it does feature strong colors that might be abrasive to people with sensitive eyes. For a more traditional puzzle experience, why not try Glass Masquerade, a stunningly beautiful classic jigsaw puzzle game in which the player must complete the faces of a wide variety of art deco style clocks. By using pieces that are odd and difficult in shape, the game provides a unique challenge.

The premise of Glass Masquerade is quite straightforward, but due to the complexity of the clock faces some of the puzzles can be really difficult to solve. puzzle games pc free

Jigsaw Puzzles Pro – Free Jigsaw Puzzle Games. Free +. Emperor of Mahjong: Tile Matcher. Restore a city. Free +. May 21,  · You can enjoy at your leisure, and the atmosphere it brings will help you relax, unwind, and keep bringing you back for more. Limbo. Limbo gameplay. In Limbo, play a puzzle-filled 2D side scroller in black and white. . Best puzzle games for PC according to users. There are several games that we include in our list of the best. Few people get real pleasure from shooters and action because many users are sure that this is a useless exercise. Thus they should try strategies or puzzles. We have compiled our list of the best logical games for these users: TETRIS.

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