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Bobby Buntrock – IMDb.30 Rock\’s Best Running Jokes | Den of Geek


Get in the game Pete, your star is freaking out! What are you freaking out about? You sing live all the time. This is different. It\’s not some rinky-dink late night show that a bald idiot produces, it\’s the largest audience I\’ve ever performed for and after spending all season ripping cute kids new ones, everyone wants me to fail.

Billy Bush:. Tomorrow night on \’American Kidz Got Singing\’, the judge becomes the oppposite of a judge. Come on guys, a little effort. Jenna Maroney\’s singing live and all of America is just waiting for that [bleep] to get [bleep]-ed over and over with a [bleep].

Nice bleeping. Sorry about earlier. Jenna, you need to relax. Listen up, if tonight isn\’t a huge Jiumph–which is short for Jenna triumph–it\’s on you! And like all celebrities, I\’m very good at shifting the blame. Did you get my message? Yes, Your Excellency.

And I also wish you a very happy Valentine\’s day. He said it\’ll be another hour. You do know that this office is in America. Do you see a fourteen on my watch? Yeah, it\’s the date. Happy Valentine\’s day. Haha, that\’s cute. And what insolvent country do you come from? New Jersey. I\’m just weirdo. Will you please stop being so hostile? You\’re just making everything worse. No wonder you haven\’t accomplished anything.

You know what, Avery loved a good fight. She used to call the cable company to dispute our bill just for the sport of it. She wouldn\’t stand for this dog and pony show. I have organized several dog and pony shows and I\’m offended by what you\’re implying. How are you Avery\’s mother? We have a few things in common, Jack. We both married much, much, older men, which can be hard, or more often, flaccid.

I have an idea, maybe we just don\’t talk at all, maybe we sit quietly and read our, uh, … soccer magazine. Jordan\’s lizard, Jeremy, is always escaping and biting everyone. Like owner, like lizard! Oh my. So that\’s why Mr. Jordan got him a GPS collar. Now it\’s easier to find–huh. Well that can\’t be; it says he\’s inside the room. Maybe you\’re reading it wrong? Three feet, two feet, it says he\’s right on top of us. Oh my god, my face! He\’s mating with my mouth! He likes you! Here\’s a good one, go to a strip club on father\’s day and shout things like, \”I\’m proud of you!

Where\’s Pete? I just dyed my gums because I want them to pop on camera but now they\’re burning. Another way to meet damaged women is to hang out with actresses. How young are they? I\’ll do nudity.

Back in the day, I used to work as a stock boy in a chic uptown department store called \’Ray-Ray\’s Discount Clothes Bucket\’. I would go to the swimsuit section and switch the tags. I\’d take a size 6 and put a size 12 sticker on it and then some big girl would try to squeeze into it and come out the dressing room like, \”I\’ve gotten bigger!

Why do I even bother dieting? You know, a great place to meet vulnerable women is WeightWatchers. I did Watchers to stay pageant fit, but it was too much math for a six year old. Thank god for cigarettes. Got it. And if worse comes to worse, make the lady feel vulnerable. Check this out. Let\’s get you out of these wet clothes. What is wrong with you people? Jeremy says she\’s a tease anyway. Now let\’s hit WeightWatchers. How is there no signal in here? Silence prisoner! I mean, can I help you valued customer?

There you are! What are you doing? Buying stuff for tonight to make it awesome. Look: salt and pepper shakers, you put them together it makes a heart. Take them apart: two red sperms. We\’re not getting that. What\’s with the neggy vibe? I can get things. Not if you\’re not paying for them!

Let\’s go get that table buddy. IKEA …. First things first. I am from Transylvania but I am not a vampire. I\’m just a night owl with a terrible garlic allergy.

So this is regarding that boy who went missing in my castle? No, we\’re here about my wife. My daughter, Avery Jessup. She\’s in North Korea. Ah yes, the Jessup case. That is unacceptable! So, thank you both for coming. Oh, well. That is exactly what I expected would happen. Oh does that hurt? Well I\’m so sorry. Well that is just the beginning, you … penis! So why the fudge isn\’t everyone fudging freaking the fudge out?!

She\’s right. You are a penis! I am going to call security. One of the guys has a whistle. Did you just threaten her? I want you to apologize to this woman right now. I am a very powerful man.

I can see to it that Transylvania never sees another episode of \’Friends\’. Monica and Chandler just slept together in London. OK, now admit the UN is useless. It is! Half the building is a laser tag arena! Admit it\’s annoying when Bono comes around.

It\’s the worst! Every time, he says he\’s not hungry when we collect money for pizza and then he eats like three slices! Oh you disgust me. Come on let\’s go.

Uh, finally! Stop walking so close to me! I\’m sorry, heh heh. It\’s this place. But also, if you would just let me get a few steps ahead of you first and then you walk? I found it. I don\’t know, it\’s nice. It\’s just I don\’t know if I\’m feeling it, you know? What about this idea? I know a guy who cuts glass This is the plan. Yeah, it\’s just that this table feels kind of uptight, and I think something a little more fun would be a better table.

For me. Oh, I don\’t know Criss, maybe a little more fun table wouldn\’t be as supportive. What–no, no! We are not doing this! We are not letting this table be a metaphor for our relationship! That\’s what IKEA wants us to do! I\’m just not sure that my chair wants to be with this table.

Why, because deep down your chair would rather be with other chairs? Wow, I think the table needs to stop listening to its mother. Well it-it\’s just the table thinks the chair takes too many camping trips with Richard. Almost there teammate!

To the warehouse! Zoo York? OK everybody, soundcheck for Ms. No I don\’t want a live band. Live bands make mistakes. Pete, I have made love to Alfonso, he can\’t keep rhythm. Get him out of here. And that\’s a wrap on Alfonso! Alfonso Disparioso, everybody. This is your moment. The world breathes through you. I love you myself. And playback! Just you and I… ahem. Jenna, you\’re not singing. Yes I am. Will build our dreams, together. I\’m sorry I was such an Italian in here, but that was unacceptable.

No, you were wonderful! The way your eyes went dead, just like Avery\’s. I didn\’t know you had that in you. Yosemite Sam was based on my grandfather so yes, I do have a temper. There are a lot of things you don\’t about me, Jack. In I was in Playboy just wearing a necktie and holding hands with a black girl.

How could I have ever said that you\’re not your daughter\’s mother? Those incredible cheekbones, like an evil Disney queen. And I am sorry I compared you to my late husband. You are not some liver-spotted old man, contantly spilling hot tea in his lap until his whole crotch was useless–useless! You are young, you are virile, your hair like a lion\’s mane. My eyes, like two pools of ice water. Uh, let\’s keep walking.

In the cold. Do you like baseball? Let\’s talk about baseball. I love baseball. Abner Doubleday. The bats are long and hard. The gloves are girls! Jeter\’s thighs in those pants. New topic! You know it\’s funny; if those teeth were in your vagina, you\’d be considered a monster. Well Jenna there\’s nothing physically wrong with you. Cuz Liz is taking charge, she\’s in control of everything she do. In her personal life, hey hey nah nah, in her personal life.

Here comes the story obstacle now President inter-Bush is out of the question. Avery will never accept his help. She can\’t forgive him for not hitting on her during the Democratic convention. You know what, Mr. I WILL have a nice day! I\’m going to hang you in your kitchen and fill you with other bags. You will eat your family! I did it, Jack.

I got the bag. You were right. No matter how much the gate is strait, or who punishes the scrolls, I am the captain of my holes! Or whatever. We are in control! We don\’t know anything about him. I don\’t think his real name is Partybot. I don\’t know what he looks like. I don\’t know what he talks like. I certainly don\’t know if he can act. That\’s what Danny was saying. We have to be cool to everybody. Because the future is like a Japanese game show.

You have no idea what\’s going on. You\’re preaching to the choir, Kenneth. I mean, I love the earth. I have these rare Kadupul blossoms flown in every morning from Sri Lanka on a private jet. That\’s the definition of green. And yet, they force us to do more.

More sacrifices. For the children. What have children ever done for us? I know it\’s my turn to do the dishes. But I\’m in character. And if you make me do the dishes, I will kill myself! Don\’t worry, Jack. Our topical cold open is about Omarosa borrowing Bjork\’s swan dress. Every day. I thought having a family was going to be like The Cosby Show. Having a family can be the worst. For example, I have this strip club story from this weekend I need to tell you, Jackie D. It is disgusting.

But I can\’t, because I\’ve got this little D-bag here. Oh, I\’m sorry, is it too much drama? You remind me of my father and my boyfriend! Ugh, are you listening to me? Because if you\’re not, I will put on a wedding dress and jump in front of a subway! That\’s why my life is not like The Cosby Show. I only have boys. And boys are disgusting! I need a baby girl. Don\’t patronize me! Stop laughing! It\’s not funny! I need a baby girl!

Don\’t slit my vas deferens! I\’m going to be coming by all the time, getting jealous, taking things out of context. That dude, Brian, would be happier moving out! Miss Lemon, your mini-fridge is still in your office. You made a promise to Masi Oka. Don\’t be a zero. Be a good guy. That feels like a real missed opportunity. When l think of all the things that l\’ve been holding inside me that l wanted to say to you! Well, now l\’m gonna let St.

Patrick and St. Michael do my talking for me! No, that would never work. Love is like an onion, and you peel away layer after stinky layer until you\’re just. Don\’t go, Liz Lemon! There\’s still an after-after- after-after-after party! Hey, whose roof is this? Well, this would have proved my mother wrong, saying that \’\’Donaghy\’\’ is Gaelic for \’\’failure. She\’s a Murphy — bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists. Remarkable people, the Blacks — musical, very athletic, not very good swimmers.

Again, l\’m talking about the family. Black is African-American, though. And Mr. Jordan himself said, \’\’Don\’t let no one in who\’s not on the list \’cause this mess is gonna get raw like sushi. Hey, Liz Lemon. Could you go away for a while? Or perhaps it\’s eating universal healthcare. Of course they do. Or maybe even Shaker Heights. Big Creek Parkway. Send the kids to St. John Bosco\’s, you know? Maybe even cheering on the Tribe at the Jake. For God\’s sakes, Lemon. We\’d all like to flee to the Cleve and club-hop down at the Flats and have lunch with Little Richard, but we fight those urges because we have responsibilities.

No, you\’re not. Look, every great getaway has that moment when you want to pack it all in and stay. That\’s how l ended up with a time-share in Port Arthur, Texas.

Floyd is pretty great. Look, in Cleveland, l\’m a model. Oh I\’m fine Jenna, I\’m just a little light-headed. I\’m on a crash diet to get back to my old weight by Friday. Now Jenna, medically speaking, for your height, your weight puts you in what we call the \”disgusting range\”.

Fortunately, there are solutions. For example, crystal meth has been shown to be very effective. How important is tooth-retention to you? Also, Jason, if you think you\’re passing for straight, you\’re embarrassing yourself. What can I tell you? The audience just loves Shayla\’s personal story. Did you know that both her mothers are serial killers?

That\’s America. When you google \”Jenna Maroney\” now, I come up first, not the Jenna Maroney who electrocuted all those horses. Pay attention to me LL or else I\’m going to do something self-destructive.

For example, I just got an honorary sheriff\’s badge and I\’m going to start making real arrests. What\’s this? It\’s Terry!

Oh my god, there you are! We\’re losing sponsers, Liz. Did you know that Snuggles, the fabric softner bear is gay? I will make a brief statement on behalf of the idiot community, then I will open the floor for questions. Yeah baby! I\’m here today to apologize for my earlier comments. I used an offensive term to describe a group of people who made America the great These kickass people have given the world countless, bodacious things like the birther movement, intelligent design, water parks–no, I will not endorse water parks, they are a cesspool of disease and people boo you when you walk back down the stairs.

You know what you people have given the world? It\’s funny; in school, all you learn about Abraham Lincoln is that he was a gay alcoholic! Of course, Lemon; that\’s why the president is always a new mom. I was referrring to your unique leverage with Jenna: your friendship. I mean, you just bought Kareem Abdul Jabbar\’s bones and he\’s not even dead!

And if PETA doesn\’t love you or hate you, you\’re a nobody, like a soldier or a teacher. We\’re not going to Chili\’s until I hit one. Go tell the guy the machine\’s not fast enough. I can actually feel myself getting sick. Am I the only person who saw Obama\’s press conference on how to sneeze? Is this my costume for the commercial parody? It\’s in my contract that I only play blondes, non-Irish redheads, or bald sex robots.

And the police have no interest in helping me either, despite the hundreds of dollars I pay every year in taxes. They think that I\’m the enemy! The Kitchen Debate with Richard Nixon. Richard M. The M Train. Would a mother be planning a summer sex tour of Vietnam? Liz Lemon: You\’re not young anymore.

You can\’t keep playing prom queens and runaway victims anymore. Liz Lemon: Everyone, I\’d like you all to met Tom. Tom Selleck. He\’s my mustache.

Pete Hornberger: [in a high-pitched voice to his kid over the phone] Elmo wants you to aim your pee-pee at the potty! No, not at Mommy, at the potty! How is that Elmo\’s fault? Did Mommy have some wine before she called Elmo? Jack Donaghy: [regarding the physical deformities of Prince Gerhardt] Most people in his situation would be angry with his family for the centuries of inbreeding, but not Gerhardt.

He\’s too busy trying to stave off infection. Kenneth Parcell: [Kenneth finds Pete dancing with a very attractive woman at an impromptu party Tracy has thrown in the office] What are you doing? You are a married man!

Pete Hornberger: Hey, I\’m not doing anything wrong. I\’m just dancing, Kenneth. Kenneth Parcell: Do you remember the movie \”Footloose,\” where those evil kids won in the end? You\’re going to make a mistake tonight. Pete Hornberger: Look, both of you calm down.

I\’m just trying to have some fun for the first time in, like, ten years. Bianca Donaghy: [Jack is passing Liz off has his girlfriend to his ex-wife] She\’s much sharper than the last girl you had. What was her name? Josh Girard: [the crew is playing a game of \’The Dozens\’] Your momma is so stupid she thought an iMac was a new hamburger at McDonald\’s.

Liz Lemon: What\’s the difference between your momma and a washing machine? When I drop a load in the washing machine it doesn\’t follow me around for a week.

Liz Lemon: You mean Gretchen Thomas, the brilliant plastics engineer slash lesbian? What made you think I was gay? Liz Lemon: Regardless, I am straight. One-hundred precent completely straight. Jack: [implying that mood affects the performance of his employees and that Liz always seems to be unhappy] Human contact is important, Lemon.

I can tell from your stress level that you\’ve not been touched in any way for quite some time. Not caressed. Not massaged. Not even groped on the subway. Do you agree that you need someone in your life, Lemon? Jack: I would think that the single woman\’s biggest worry would be choking to death in her apartment.

Liz Lemon: [feeling jittery before the blind date set up for her by Jack] Hey, Frank! What do guys like? Liz Lemon: No, I mean if you are gonna go on a date with a woman, how would you want her to act? Jack: [running into Liz in the hallway on the day of the blind date he set up for her] What are gonna wear?

Liz Lemon: This probably [indicating she will wear her office clothes]. I don\’t have time to go home. Jack: That won\’t do. Liz Lemon: What do you say, we make a pact?

If, say, in twenty-five years, neither of us has found somebody. We\’ll move in together and become roomates. And even though I am Jack Donaghy: All right then. You\’re not a lesbian. Duly noted. I\’ll correct that on your file. It\’s too bad, though. Thomas thought you were great. Jack Donaghy: Yes. She said she thought you looked like Jennifer Jason Leigh. Guy at Bar: Well if by \’cooking class\’ you mean \’your bed\’ and by \’next weekend\’ you mean \’tonight\’ Kenneth Parcell: Why?

Because I believe that life is for the living. I believe in taking risks and biting off more than you can chew. And also, people were yelling, and I got confused about the rules. Jack: The Italians have a saying, Lemon: \’Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Liz Lemon: You don\’t know what you\’re talking about: [turns around to show label on back of her jeans] Hand-made in USA. The Hand people are Vietnamese slave tribe and Usa is their island prison. They made your jeans.

You know how they get the stitching so small? Jenna Maroney: Relationships are like sharks, Liz. If you\’re not left with several bite marks after intercourse, then something\’s wrong. Jenna Maroney: Liz, last night was a disaster. And not the good kind where I get to sing at a benefit. Liz Lemon: Who hasn\’t made mistakes? I once French kissed a dog at a party to try to impress what turned out to be a very tall year-old.

Colleen Donaghy: Exhibit A: You\’re cell phone bill. You made a call to at AM. Exhibit B: The watch that my son gave me for Christmas. Not the one I wanted by the way. You had just set it before it broke of course when you car rammed into me down in Florida. And it stopped at Numbers, unlike children, don\’t lie.

What kind of son Jack: What kind of mother tells her son that John Kennedy died because he talked in church? Or tells her son when he was voted captain of the diving team, quote \”What a great way to meet guys? Liz Lemon: Jack, I think your mother put out on Christmas to get you kids presents.

She did it for you. Liz Lemon: I know you guys were pretty poor, did you have a lot of presents? Jack: I do, but we had a falling out over the Jerry Garcia stamp. I mean, if I want to lick a hippie, I\’ll just return Joan Baez\’s phone calls. Tracy Jordan: I\’m gonna have so much money, my grandkids are gonna play lacrosse.

Lacrosse, Liz Lemon. Toofer: I said: [posh pronunciation] \’time to end the charade and adjust my schedule to buy a new vase\’. Jack Donaghy: [Lemon is telling a longwinded tale] Don\’t worry about getting to your point, I\’m going to live forever. Liz Lemon: You know, usually everyone around here makes me feel like Hitler, but today, I feel like Hitler in Germany. Jack Donaghy: We need hope.

We need change. We need experience. We need pens. Jenna Maroney: Kenneth, where have you been? I had to put on my jeans by myself. Jenna Maroney: [finding a positive pregnancy test in the trash] Oh no, someone\’s gonna get more attention then me. Liz Lemon: Oh, so you\’re the only one in the word that\’s allowed to make sex mistakes? You had a threeway with Roseanne and Tom Arnold. Jack Donaghy: Cooter, look at this place. This can\’t be what you want in life.

Haven\’t you ever thought about leaving? Cooter Burger: Of course. Every day. Every day for two years. Look at these resignation letters [opens desk drawer, takes out a bunch of filed letters] They\’re written in ketchup, dirty rock, leak water But now you\’re here. You\’re here and everything\’s gonna be better. Now we\’ve got pens. Glorious pens!

Jack Donaghy: [to C. C] I did certain things for you in bed that you were going to reciprocate but then we broke up before my birthday so you owe me. Cooter Burger: Hey, we have a meeting with the appropriations committee, like, now. Dennis Duffy: Prenatal vitamins. Yeah, I know what \’prenatal\’ means.

Liz appears behind him without announcing her arrival]. Jack: To be perfectly honest, the first couple of people I did that to were not you, but Frank Rossitano: I don\’t like it when Liz is happy. It makes me uncomfortable, like when my mother drank margaritas and played Tanya Tucker songs. Liz Lemon: [explaining why Jack wants to meet with her at Christie\’s auction house] He goes to Sbarro when he\’s stressed, the New York Stock Exchange when he\’s horny, and Christie\’s when he\’s depressed.

Grizz: [about Tracy\’s crazy behavior] It\’s like a roller coaster ride of emotion in here. Could you go away for a while? I gotta get rid of Freddie\’s erection.

President Thomas Jefferson: [refusing to break character] Pray, who be this Tracy Jordon thou speakest off? President Thomas Jefferson: Well, stand guard by his rump and await it in his droppings. Jack: Well, it\’s really quite simple: men seek out the company of other men they admire and want to be like.

Floyd is me 20 years ago, I\’m Don Geiss 30 years ago. Don Geiss: I took the kids out to St. Got stung by a jellyfish. I\’ve got a welt on my rear the size a red delicious apple. Liz Lemon: You can\’t be gay for one person.

Unless you\’re a lady. And you meet Ellen. Liz Lemon: Well, maybe you can pull that off, you\’re a man. It\’s different for women.

Jack Donaghy: That is so sexist of you. To that clueless boy over there, you\’re a very powerful woman. Technically you\’re a catch. You got money, status, naturally thick hair, a decent set. Kenneth Parcell: [on phone] Sir, conditions have deteriorated.

I made De Marquee captain like you said, but having a kid from Trinidad in charge made the Latino\’s real mad. And they all seemed to really hate my grandpa, \’cause they keep yelling \’kill whitey\’ and I\’m like \’what do you think you are, alcohol? Jack Donaghy: [on cellphone] Right, Kenneth, calm down. There was bound to be some unrest once we removed Tracy. They\’re testing our resolve. Stay the course. Jack Donaghy: Stop fighting this.

He\’s hot, poor, and eager to please. Just buy him a few gifts, never give him your home phone number, and if you set a curfew, stick to it.

Tracy Jordan: Have you ever been to knuckle beach? It\’s a totally different world; a world where orange soda is an acceptable substitute for breast milk.

Tracy Jordan: Jenna, I just want you to know that if we find any human remains in there, I\’m gonna throw up all over your face. Liz Lemon: I\’m not making this decision based on who\’s funnier or whom I like best, so Toofer, you\’re in charge.

Frank Rossitano: Finally, someone cool is in charge. My first order is to disable the firewall. Gentlemen, we can surf for porn again! Tracy Jordan: I like to thank my creative team for coming in such short notice. Also, sorry I\’m four hours late.

Performers need to be coddled, to be protected from the real world. Jack Donaghy: I get it. I must treat her like the New York Times treats its readers.

Pete Hornberger: Boy, if this thing works it could be my ticket out. This job is starting to get to me. Lately I\’ve been shoplifting just to feel in control. Because no one knows I took the candy bar. No one but Peter. Yakov: I get it. That\’s why people come to Yakov\’s Nubian Bling Explosion. Jenna Maroney: [Speaking to a group of friends] I got a residual check for that Japanese commercial I did!

Three hundred dollars! I\’m going to use the money to buy us all new boots for myself. Jack Donaghy: What I\’m saying is: don\’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want to have. So now, Manny? To Samsung. They\’re Samesung now. Jack Donaghy: Truth be told, I have not learnt a lot about Kabletown. It\’s a whole different business model. Kenneth Parcell: My cousin in Atlanta is a business model. She holds up staplers for catalogues.

Not Seinfeld, Friends, ER exciting. More like 3-D episodes of Merlin exciting. But Kabletown is a fine company, even if it is from Liz Lemon: Philly rules! Cheesesteaks, Bobby Clarke, Wil Smith! Boston sucks! Jack Donaghy: Boston is the greatest city in the world. Liz Lemon: Yeah, and then he looked around, realized it sucked and moved to Philadelphia! Liz Lemon: Remember that scene in Notting Hill with the party in the garden?

I\’d rather see that terrible movie five times than go on another date with Wesley. Tracy Jordan: Everything! My addiction to prescription lenses, my attention deficit disorder Jack, your shoes are really shiny. Wesley: This is about love. It\’s like that brilliant movie, Notting Hill. I\’m the handsome British man, she\’s Wesley: This is insane? You know what\’s insane? That the actor is named Wesley Snipes! If you were shown a picture of him and a picture of me, and were asked \”who should be named Wesley Snipes\”, you\’d pick the pale Englishman every time!

Every time, Liz! Jenna Maroney: I know what you\’re going through. I caught a lot of flack when I ate the pig that played Babe. Liz Lemon: I\’m sorry. You have a problem with the science of Hot Tub Time Machine? Wesley Snipes: Yeah, not the time travel. It\’s the hot tub. You don\’t just turn one on and it\’s immediately hot.

I should know, I\’ve been in a hot tub two times. Wesley Snipes: Popcorn? At the cinema? And by the way, your food obsession is not as endearing as you think it is. Lorne: They were both really intense. They wanted me to grow up to be Prime Minister, so as a kid, I had to win the spelling bee. They made me memorize all words in the Canadian dictionary, then I had to go to law school.

Lorne: For one day. I was just so tightly wound that I got kicked out for karate chopping my roommate. I know, I\’m a stereotype. All guys from Quebec are good at karate. Do you wanna try meth? Tracy Jordan: Cornell commencement address? Sorry, but Tracy Jordan doesn\’t do safety schools. Man on plane: Maybe this is one of those times when on the count of three, the both of you say you were wrong. Jack Donaghy: It\’s gonna be a who\’s who of New York royalty. The Astors, the Rockefellers, the Sbarros Avery Jessup: I know, and it kills me.

You think I don\’t want to know what Pizzarella Sbarro will be wearing? Liz Lemon: Three weddings in one day. I\’m going to be in Spanx for twelve hours. My elastic line is going to get infected again. Jenna Maroney: You should go to my doctor. He\’s gay, but not when he\’s drunk. Frank Rossitano: Yes, you have. Meet me in the handicap stall in five minutes. Tracy Jordan: It\’s all coming back to me!

Oh, my God! I slept on a dog bed stuffed with wigs! I saw a prostitute stab a clown! Our basketball hoop was a ribcage! A ribcage! Why did you bring me here? I locked out those memories for a reason! Oh, Lord! A guy with dreads electrocuted my fish! Wesley: Yes, that\’s the only thing wrong with me, isn\’t it? And with that as my only fault, how do I rank with all the other men in your life! Tracy Jordan: Why are we here? I thought we were going somewhere boring. This is an awesome copy shop.

Tracy: while wearing a shirt made of money Give me an example. Tracy I\’ve put more money into this than my money pit in Connecticut. Jack You have a house in Connecticut? Tracy No, I do not. Jenna Maroney. Played By: Jane Krakowski. Kenneth Parcell. Played By: Jack McBrayer. Mama, I am not a person. My body is just a flesh vessel for an immortal being whose name, if you heard it, would make you lose your mind.

Kenneth: There are only two things I love in this world: Everybody, and television. Kenneth: defensively Who said I\’ve been alive forever? And I don\’t know how much longer I can do it\”. Pete Hornberger. Played By: Scott Adsit. Frank Rossitano. Cerie Xerox. Played By: Katrina Bowden.

Cerie : I really don\’t. They just kinda stay up there on their own, see? James \”Toofer\” Spurlock. Played By: Keith Powell. Warren \”Grizz\” Griswold. Played By: Grizz Chapman. Walter \”DotCom\” Slattery. Played By: Kevin Brown. Jack : DotCom, this need you have to be the smartest guy in the room is Played By: Maulik Pancholy. JD Lutz. Danny Baker. Don Geiss.


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We are not like other adult porn game websites that just dump a bunch of low quality free porn games. No not us, we only bring you the best of the best. Anime porn games, Hentai sex games, 3D porn games and browser based free porn games along with hazell sex games are our main focus. We don\’t want http://replace.me/26423.txt to have to downlaod some huge file just to play. Let us do the hardwork for you! We host the file for you so you can play in your web browser.

Yes it\’s that easy. Thanks for visiting My Free Porn Games! The Roommates 5. Oppaimon — Pokemon Porn Game. Thanks for visiting us at My Free Porn Games! We appreciate it and will continue to do our best to serve you the most recent, high quality, free adult porn games on the internet.

No BS! We are adding new games all frew time so come back and check us out. See ya soon! It was probably around three years ago now that I stumbled upon some so called free porn games. There might have been maybe 10 crappy flash games around and the rest you had hazel 30 rock quotes free pay for. Because of this I went on a hunt to find hzzel free porn games and more game creators to bring more new fresh porn games to the scene.

We worked hours searching the web, downloading, uploading and trying to improve orck graphics of these games. Over time we started to build up a little collection. We thought we couldn\’t be the only ones that love these sweet free porn games, so we quktes to build a website and share our passion.

We suotes to do what we did in the beginning. We search the web up and down to bring you the highest quality, most new free porn games that are out on the internet right now. Please let us know if you find any non working porn games so we can fix them right away. Thanks for joining us and we hope you enjoy our passion for free porn games as much as we do!

I\’m glad to announce that we are here to only provide you with excellent quality hazel 30 rock quotes free games. In the end, that\’s why we are ultimately here. We love to share these brilliantly created xxx games that everybody desires to play and we skip all the junk.

Trust me, they\’re tons of crappy flash porn games out there and a lot of scams as well. Thankfully we are able to provide you with a wide variety of games because we know not one game type suits all. If you would like to see more of a certain type of game please let us know. We have hundreds hazel 30 rock quotes free our personal archives. Some of our games are better than http://replace.me/2651.txt, but the beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so goes the saying.

What\’s hazel 30 rock quotes free for me might not be fun for you, so we made sure to include a little of everything.

We make sure to include all the updates available as well. I can tell you that as you play these games over time, finding out a new episode quootes your favorite game will be dropping soon haxel an awesome feeling and a full-body high.

Just revisiting some of the old characters and stepping back in time in those old shoes will bring you some hazel 30 rock quotes free satisfaction that you didn\’t even know was possible. Don\’t be afraid to try out different games. No one here is forcing you to try new games but when you do, you unlock some things you didn\’t even know where possible. You never know until you try right? That\’s how we all learn to love new things in real life as well.

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