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Not a member yet? Register now. Privacy Policy Update. If you\’ve ever tried editing photos with Photoshop, you know how intimidating and complicated the software can be.

Many people consider Photoshop the best photo editor, but unless you have experience and dedicated training with this program, you will find it hard to use and cost-prohibitive. Content creators and photographers need fast, easy-to-use editing programs that allow them to navigate tools and features quickly to post more photos in less time. Thankfully, several excellent Photoshop-like programs offer similar features without the high price tag and steep learning curve. In addition, each of these programs features a unique interface and a wide selection of tools.

This article introduces the 13 best free Photoshop alternatives and compares their features, benefits, and drawbacks. PhotoDirector Essential is the best overall free Photoshop alternative on the market because it features easy-to-use tools like masks, layers, graphic design tools, AI-powered tools, and more for beginners and advanced users alike. Templates, presets, and guided edits make it easy for anyone to make Photoshop-worthy creations for free.

Pixelmator Pro is a great free Photoshop alternative for Apple products. It is a photo editor and graphic design tool with AI-powered tools and RAW photo processing that is simple enough for beginners. Capture One is an alternative to Photoshop for professionals that offers true-to-life color processing and accurate masking tools.

Adobe Photoshop is a photo editing and manipulation software and is the industry standard for digital art. It is used by many professional photographers and graphic designers, but not by many amateurs or hobbyists because of its high price tag and learning curve. If you are a photo editing or graphic design novice, you may not want to pay big bucks for photo editing software. Even professionals or home users on a budget would prefer finding high-quality software with a lower price tag.

You also probably want software you can use right out of the box, rather than spending months learning how to use it. Fortunately, there are low-price and even free Photoshop alternatives with similar professional features and quality. Many of these options are also beginner-friendly. We have compiled a list of Photoshop alternatives that are either free or offer a free trial, so you can decide which alternative is right for your needs and skill level. PhotoDirector Essential is the best overall free Photoshop alternative on our list because it is a user-friendly, modern photo editor with a range of powerful tools and features.

You can create professional-level images in just a few seconds with PhotoDirector\’s easy-to-learn tools. In addition, this software offers all of the essential importing, editing, and sharing options an amateur could want, along with several advanced features you won\’t find in Photoshop. Many beginners shy away from layer editing with Photoshop because it seems too complicated. However, PhotoDirector\’s easy-to-use interface makes layer editing a breeze, allowing beginners to add images, text, shapes, and digital objects in perfect cohesion.

PhotoDirector makes it easy to learn how to use layers to your advantage with 27 layer-blending modes, express layer templates, frame template packs, and a range of simple selection tools. Achieve hair-splitting detail with layer filtering and masks. First-time users can jump right into editing with PhotoDirector Essential without spending time learning complicated editing procedures or managing hard-to-use tools. It also includes many features that go above and beyond Photoshop\’s limited editing options.

Unique features such as guided editing, video-to-photo integration, degree editing, and photo animation tools make PhotoDirector Essential the best choice for a free Photoshop alternative. Download the best alternative to Photoshop – PhotoDirector Essential- for free today and start making studio-quality edits. Capterra Rating: 4. Pixelmator Pro is the best free Photoshop alternative for Mac users because of its complete macOS integration.

You can even pull still images from your FaceTime camera or open photos taken in Portrait mode in masks. The software contains all the default macOS menus and shortcuts to make photo editing quick and painless. If you\’re looking for a simple, base-level alternative to Photoshop with graphic design functionality, Pixelmator is a good choice. Simple brushstrokes and AI tools allow you to edit specific areas of an image.

Remove unwanted objects, clone parts of a photo, retouch, lighten or darken specific areas, etc. You can also create graphic designs with over vector shapes with Pixelmator.

Pixelmator is not an entirely free Photoshop alternative but offers a day free trial. After the trial, the program is pretty affordable. It is easy to use and offers a broad arsenal of editing tools. However, it lacks some advanced features you would expect in programs of its kind. If you desire more advanced tools, try our 1 choice, PhotoDirector Essential.

Image from DCFever. G2 Rating: 4. Capture One is an alternative to Photoshop that specializes in precise color adjustments.

Experience true-to-life color processing and an advanced color editor that is on par with Adobe Photoshop and even Adobe Lightroom. Edit only specific colors in your image with 8 color ranges the standard for photo editing software is 6.

Apply up to 16 layers and apply incredibly accurate masks with the Refine Mask and Feather Mask tools. There are multi-imaging tools to merge, stitch, and create breathtaking panorama shots. If you need an alternative to Photoshop, Capture One has many similar features and delivers the same high-quality results.

Capture One offers a day free trial but then is about the same price as Photoshop, with a very similar learning curve. If you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop that is beginner and budget-friendly, try PhotoDirector. Pixlr E is a free photo editor, graphic design tool, and batch editor for beginners and experienced editors in a time crunch. This free Photoshop alternative is available online, with no registration needed, simply go to the site and start editing.

The interface is streamlined and tools are easy to find. It even has options for different skill levels, so you can choose a quick, automated solution or spend time with manual adjustments. The program comes with some professional features like advanced cutting tools, customizable brushes, animated elements, and skin retouch tools. Pixlr E comes with a large selection of design templates for every kind of social media post, as well as ads, invites, blogs, and even podcast covers.

Pixlr E has the same review rating as Photoscape X, but we placed it higher on our list because it is more beginner-friendly and exports to a higher quality. However, rendering was very slow, so although we think this free Photoshop alternative is great for quick edits, be prepared to do other things while you wait for your projects to export.

TechRadar Rating: 4. We liked that you can convert multiple images into a different format with one click. This free Photoshop alternative also has an abundance of color tools, similar to what you would find in Photoshop. We found Photoscape X to have a confusing layout which differs greatly from other free Photoshop alternatives, so it may take time to get used to if you are familiar with another program.

However, it remains beginner-friendly once you figure out where things are. We found it is lacking in format support, and noticed a big dip in quality when saving files. Image from The Web Factor. Krita is our choice as the best free Photoshop alternative for digital painting because it has different brush types and more that are constantly being added by the open-source community.

There are also nine brush engines, a brush stabilizer, and various brush smoothing tools. Krita has erasers for removing an entire character, smoothing thin lines, or fading in or out of a drawing. It comes with drawing assistants and drawing aids to help with drawing specific shapes or creating a grid for drawing perspective.

This free Photoshop alternative is used in various ways such as digital painting, pixel art, 3D texturing, and comic inking, making it a solid free photoshop alternative. It has built-in vector tools to create comic panels and word bubble templates so that you can give those comics a voice.

Krita is open-source and completely free. It has a user interface similar to Photoshop but is also completely customizable, with features such as light and dark themes. While this is an excellent choice for digital painters, comic book illustrators, and animators, Krita lacks simple photo editing options. If you are looking for a free Photoshop alternative to manipulate photos, try PhotoDirector Essential. Image from Davies Media Design on Youtube. It is constantly being improved like other open-source editors, and any bugs are swiftly found and dealt with.

GIMP outshines other open-source software through its support for plug-ins some pre-installed and others downloadable made accessible by the GIMP online community. GIMP comes loaded with tutorials, and the community is always on hand to answer any questions. GIMP is a wonderful free Photoshop alternative for graphic designers, photographers, or illustrators. It offers high-quality image manipulation with retouching and restoring tools.

Other features include cropping, noise reduction, gradients, color adjustment tools, and filters. Professionals will enjoy the more advanced features like bezier curves, layer masks, and animation tools. There is a learning curve similar to Photoshop, so beginners should try an easier-to-use option like PhotoDirector or Pixlr E. We found Paintshop Pro to be the best free Photoshop alternative for graphic designers because of features such as layers and masks, brushes, intuitive text tools, textures, patterns, drawing, painting, and fill tools.

In addition, Paintshop has built-in templates for collages, greeting cards, social media images, web banners, brochures, business cards, etc. It also includes hundreds of effects, preset filters, and a frame tool to place raster objects into shapes quickly. AI photo enhancement, lens correction tools, a straighten tool for crooked horizons, and perspective correction to change the angle of an image are all features offered in this alternative to Photoshop.

Restore and repair old photos with scratch remover and fade correction. There are also essential tools like crop and resize. Easily crop with composition guides, including the golden ratio and rule of thirds. Resize in several ways, either by pixels, percentage, or print size. Paintshop Pro lacks some advanced features that professionals will want out of their photo-editing software.


Pixelmator resize image free.Why Choose an Alternative to Photoshop?


Now why would you want to know that? Is this for a science project? Or for a business presentation? All right, we get it – it\’s for fun. Pure, wholesome fun. And some creative output, too! And as with all the things fun, swapping faces in a picture should not be difficult.

If you use the right software, you can easily achieve a similarly cool effect. Want to create crazy photo montages? Click the button below to get started with an easy face swapper:. So how to insert a face into another picture?

We\’ll show you 5 different ways to do that – some are easier than the others, some require a bit more of your time. So read this guide to find the perfect way to change a face in a photo with another face. Here are the 5 methods:. Let\’s have a closer look at each method so that you could decide which one of them should be your go-to choice. Here we go!

Looking for software that is both easy-to-use and powerful enough to rival some industry giants? Well, you\’ve found it! PhotoWorks is a smart photo editor for PC that is packed with efficient tools for pro-level photo editing.

But at the same time it manages to be quite user-friendly. Want to know how to use it to put your face on another body? We\’ll show you! Open the picture with the face you want to cut out. Move to the Tools tab and pick the Change Background tool. Open your picture with PhotoWorks and select Change Background.

Use the green brush to mark the face in the picture. You don\’t have to be too precise – a few broad strokes will do. Mark the face in the picture with the green brush. Now, use the red brush to mark the part of the picture you want to delete.

Once you\’re done, PhotoWorks will automatically separate the face from the rest of the pic. Select the part of the picture you want to erase. Correct your selection if necessary. Adjust the background opacity to see the missteps more clearly.

Correct any missteps in selection if necessary. Now click on Select New Background and upload the picture you want to put the face on. Adjust the face layer position, size, and adapt its color to match the rest of the photo.

Now you have seamlessly swapped the faces. Prefer visual manuals to written ones? Then watch this short video to see how you can use PhotoWorks to superimpose your face onto a celebrity photo:. Ready to try replacing faces with PhotoWorks? Then start a free trial today! So if your desire to make funny content is grand, but your photo editing skills are modest, then PhotoWorks is definitely for you.

This smart photo editor is refreshingly easy to use, but at the same time it\’s filled with efficient tools that can help you fix the color balance of your pic, retouch your portraits in a click, remove odd objects in the background, add a frame to a picture , stylize your images with filters and 3D LUT presets, and so much more. Are you a proud Mac user? Then you might be familiar with Pixelmator. Some might call it a poor man\’s Photoshop, but this program is a powerful image and graphic editor in its own right.

Jam-packed with tools for cropping, retouching, color grading, Pixelmator is responsive and user-friendly. Let\’s see if it\’s going to be difficult to put someone\’s face on another body with this Mac app. Open the picture with the face in Pixelmator. Use the Lasso tool to draw a selection around the face. Refine the selection, then copy and paste it into a new layer.

Now open the picture to put the new face on. It\’s better to choose a picture where the face you want to replace is roughly at the same angle as the new one. Open the picture you want to paste the face on. Drag the layer with the face onto the other picture. Adjust the layer position. And it\’s done! Well, that seemed to take a bit more time, and careful manual selection is probably to blame and fiddling with layers didn\’t help either.

But all in all, it\’s clear that Pixelmator is still capable of showing impressive editing stunts. The program is cheaper than the almighty Photoshop, but there are certainly more affordable softwares with a similar functionality out there that also run on more than just one system. You knew this one was coming.

Photoshop is so popular, powerful, and versatile, that this program has become the staple of photo editing software. But it also has gained the reputation of a program that is insanely hard to grasp as well as really pricey.

But there is no avoiding Photoshop, so let\’s learn how to put your face on a different body with it. First, start PhotoShop, then open both pictures – the one with the face, and the one you want to paste this face onto. Select the Lasso tool and draw a selection around the face. Correct any missteps by pressing Shift to add some area, or Alt to deselect it. Use the Move tool to position the layer on top of the face you want to swap.

Copy and paste the face layer onto another picture. Right click your selection and choose Warp to slightly tweak the upper face for a seamless replacement. Resize and slightly warp the face for a perfect blend. Well, that was quite an exercise in photo editing, but the result is stunning.

But was it worth your time? Yes, admittedly, with Photoshop, you can do virtually anything to your pic, from simple enhancing to turning it into a work of graphic art. But, also admittedly, this software is torturously difficult and quite costly. We are not advising against it, but if your time is valuable or your skills are not that great, Photoshop might not be for you. Don\’t have a desktop photo editor at hand? Then you can find solution online!

For example, PicMonkey , a web-based photo editor. With it, you can easily edit photos, retouch portraits, and create awesome looking designs. Let us see if PicMonkey can be used to switch faces in pictures. Upload your photo with the face into Picmonkey. Click the Layers button at the bottom and convert your picture to a layer. Open PicMonkey and upload the picture with the face to it.

Switch to the Erase tab of the Graphics palette on your right. Use the Eraser tool to remove everything around the face. Now click Create New to open the picture you want to put the new face on. Don\’t worry, you won\’t lose your previous selection, as it will be saved in the Hub. Open your second picture with PicMonkey.

Open the selection file and place the new face atop the old one. Resize the layer so that the face and the body match the size. Then, flatten the two layers and save your picture. Paste the new face on top of the old one.

It wasn\’t all that difficult, was it? PicMonkey truly earns its reputation of a popular and powerful online image editor.

But this whole online thing could be its greatest drawback. For starters, you\’re putting yourself at risk of an unpleasant privacy breach whenever you upload your picture to the Net. Besides, you need a stable Internet connection on your computer to get the software up and running at all. So if those factors are not a issue for you, then make sure to check PicMonkey!


Pixelmator resize image free.10 Best Photoshop Alternatives in (Updated Weekly)

Jul 01,  · Simple brushstrokes and AI tools allow you to edit specific areas of an image. Remove unwanted objects, clone parts of a photo, retouch, lighten or darken specific areas, etc. You can also create graphic designs with over vector shapes with Pixelmator. Pixelmator is not an entirely free Photoshop alternative but offers a day free trial. Pixelmator Pro is an image editor designed to make the most powerful professional image editing tools accessible to everyone. And with an extensive collection of tools for editing and retouching photos, creating graphic designs, painting, drawing vector graphics, and adding stunning effects, it’s the only image editor you’ll need. Nov 01,  · Say, you have an image which is px × px ( or ) – this is a standard widescreen image, whereas is slightly wider than that. So, in Pixelmator Pro, if you already have an image that you\’d like to prepare, there are a few different ways you could approach this. I\’d probably do something like this: 1) Open your image. Sep 01,  · Try It Free Try It Free. Step # 01 – After completion of the installation process, you can move the head to follow the next to remove the unwanted replace.me who want to save up their internal space can remove the unwanted object from pictures online for free. Step # 02 – Now click on the task and then import the JPEG image or video from the computer.

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