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Download Now. Key Details of FileMaker Server. Manage and share databases. Developer\’s Description By FileMaker. It\’s fast, reliable, easy-to-manage server software for managing your FileMaker Pro databases. Full Specifications. What\’s new in version Release May 29, Date Added May 29, Version Operating Systems. Operating Systems Macintosh.

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Filemaker and Sierra – Apple Community.Filemaker pro 14 high sierra free download


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It seems that there are some pretty significant under the hood changes in High Sierra. Add FM12 to this incompatible list.

Does anyone have a cost-effective solution for this? It crash inmediately and send the typical informative note to Appleā€¦ Sorry for my english. Name required.

FileMaker recommends that you migrate your solution to use other APIs, technologies, or alternative features of the product, because the deprecated features may be deleted from this or a future version of the product. For information about features that have been changed or removed, see \”New features in FileMaker Pro 14\” in Help. Skip to Main Content.

Software Update: FileMaker Pro Nick-Collingridge Dec 13 Now it\’s a problem with activation – I have just migrated across to a new 27\” iMac and in every other respect this has been a pretty straightforward process. However when I try to launch Filemaker Pro I get a dialog requiring me to activate. When I do it first of all takes twenty or so minutes before a response comes back from the activation server, and this tells me that I need to deactivate my copy on another computer – presumably the one I\’ve just migrated from.

Fair enough, except that I don\’t know why it takes so long to get a response on this when I obviously want to be able to use the software as soon as possible. So anyway I go to the old system, connect it up and then boot it up. Launching Filemaker Pro and guess what – I get a dialog telling me I need to activate it!

And no way of getting any further at this point – if I click the \”Activate Later\” button I get a dialog that says \”A trial version of FMP has been used on this computer. If you receive this message after selecting Activate Later, then please activate your licensed copy of FileMaker Pro.

So that\’s it – I\’m screwed and because this is a weekend I have no way of getting any further because their licensing team is not available out of working hours. So all my data that is in FMP is unuseable and inaccessible on either of these systems.

This is pathetic in my view – its shouldn\’t be possible to be so locked out of your data. I don\’t know what\’s gone wrong – I am a totally law-abiding purchaser of the product and yet I am unable to use it. Biberkopf Sep 16 I\’m surprised and really sorry to read all the bad responses to FileMaker. And as someone who has followed the product closely since version 2 in , I have to say: It\’s utterly unfair! Some of you seem to judge the product as a cheap piece of shareware after minutes testing.

Others compare it to unnamed databases. Sure, you can get databases that will provide in- and output possibilities for free. I, too, use some of them for certain projects. But for differenct tasks than FileMaker. FileMaker is a full featured, extremely mature and reliable DB with a rock solid server foundation that you can build your buisiness on.

Year after year. And with a developer environment, that hands you so many features and functions. In the late 90\’s I was giving up on FileMaker. The developer platform was not moving anywhere. But with the totally revamped version 7 in things changed. Since then every single update has been a major one. FileMaker is not Oracle – and shouldn\’t be, but I bet it could often do the job of many existing Oracle installation much cheaper, much more flexible and with less developing time.

Still, what is more interesting is, that at a very fair price you can get your business up and running on FileMaker AND grow and scale securely and with an incredible flexibility while growing your business. FileMaker is a professional tool with amazing power if you understand and known it to its full potential. Unless you want to build a transatlantic tunnel or send rockets to Mars FileMaker can help you. However if you just want to keep track of your VHS-video-collection, don\’t bother.

Others compare it to other unnamed databases. Unless you want to build a transatlantic tunnel or send rockets to Mars FileMaker can help you – and fast. Well, not quite, but almost I have no affiliation with FileMaker Inc, but I admit: I am a big fan and long time user as well as a prof. Donmontalvo Jul 17 I stopped upgrading at 8. The pricing structure is a bit ridiculous. I can see FileMaker developers making a lucrative business out of selling companies on the idea of upgrading to the newer version of FileMaker for whatever reason.

I would hate to believe FileMaker is the only game in town Don Montalvo. Bosie Jan 17 Several hours later nothing so I tried again – same thing. Any correspondence I receive from FileMaker will now be deleted and advertising reported as spam. Espiridion Jan 6 I have version 7 and was a bit shocked when I read \”FileMaker Pro 7 or earlier.

I only checked the upgrade price out of curiosity, though. I purchased Panorama last month, and it\’s more than enough for my needs. It ended December 20, but who knows, maybe it still works. The interface looks a bit outdated, but it doesn\’t bother me. Panorama\’s upgrades for older versions are also quite expensive, though.

I don\’t know their current prices, but 4D is also another option. Raddle Jan 6 No thanks. I\’m done with this company. I don\’t mind paying for software – I do it often – or for worthwhile upgrades. But there\’s paying, and then there\’s being bled. I have slugged on with this software for years, and even bought the dreadful Bento. I\’m tired of the company\’s attitude, tired of the continual price hikes, tired of being expected to shell out another upgrade fee to have software fixed Bento 2 or finally made to look like it actually belongs on a machine running Leopard FileMaker 10 , over a year after the fact.

Evidently they\’re solely targeting the deep-pocketed corporate clients these days, and that\’s fine, but it\’s not me. I\’ll go find something else to store my data in.

JohnnyFave Jan 5 It\’s now, out with the old, in with the new. Mrehab Dec 21 Very easy to build templates fast. VERY pissed at the cost of going from ver7. Monopoly as only Apple relational database hurts their clients. Downloaded ver8. FM says they don\’t look for backward OS compatibility, so buy the ver9. Acts like FM and Apple don\’t talk to each other.

What a crock Fridge Nov 2 What are the options? I really would like to know It is a pretty clear that there are no other alternatives to Filemaker pro, if there were, Filemaker would most likely have changed their product and policys a long time ago. ( But Filemaker is in a CPR desperate need for some serious competition.

The whole user interface looks like something made for a PC in the 80\’s – anyone who thinks Filemaker could not be better then it currently is must be blind or having a seriously bad taste. Filemaker\’s upgrade policy and backward compatibility stinks and that is about it for me. I am no power user but I need to create simple databases on a regular basis. I also like to know that the work I do is cross platform. So in the end of the day, I will still use Filemaker as I have not other alternatives.

But if there were alternatives, I would be the first one to drop my money on it and support that product. Leopard came, Filemaker was not Leopard ready.

Apple owns Filemaker!? I believe Apple will do something with Filemaker in the future, but maybe that currently is far down the roadmap. Maybe Apple does not have its focus on Filemaker at the moment and this is why it is as it is at the moment. However, Filemaker in it\’s current form and shape is a slow sinking ship, it\’s the only ship in site so everyone is still clinging to it waiting for another ship to show up at the horizon. Apple knows this, and will someday do something about it and create a database application with a user interface that reflects THIS millenium, good support, cross platform and full of features for the power users stuff I do not have a clue about.

It will come, but until then we all have nurse and babysit the bastard child of Apple. Aikousha Aug 4 It takes us nearly 2 weeks to recover after every Apple system update, and I have to do it just to test a program that probably hasn\’t upgraded anything that really needs upgrading?

Is the first bug update going to require And then the next version require you to have a Macintosh G6?? I\’ve heard things about interface components changing lines, font positioning, field boundaries and thicknesses altered. It did this in a previous version, but I never upgraded to it Still using 5. The WHOLE package requires a system update, yet none of the basic controls use the OSX standard aqua interface pull-downs, scroll-buttons, drop-downs, just regular buttons?

What the hell is up with these people? I seriously need a cross-platform database, but unfortunately, this is the only program. Thankfully version 5. So, I guess my databases and information continues to stay workable, but in the \”stone age. Every time this program is \”updated,\” I am seriously disappointed, and pissed off. Gomoda Jul 11 I though Apple owned Filemaker, UI seems a bit dated. D9 Jul 10 Uh oh FileMaker has contracted Upgradeistis, the affliction of depreciating value in software upgrade features resulting in more frequent paid upgrades Aikousha Oct 2 I have splashed the cash and tried to upgrade to FM16 using my old FM15 serial number, but it\’s not having it.

I have just gone down that road too. I ended up contacting FileMaker Customer Support. I don\’t know how many versions you have had, but it required all of the previous versions that I have used to get to the FMP It requires the previous versions as \”looking for a qualifying product\” Which translates to where is the version you upgraded from i.

It just occurred to me to look on my backup disk to see if there was still a copy of the FMP15 download, but unfortunately not There is an option to input the serial number, rather than locate the app, but I guess that wouldn\’t work with an educational copy. When I realised that, I tried to buy a fresh educational copy rather than an upgrade from FM , but FM in their wisdom decided that my second order was a mistake.

So two orders later, I still don\’t have a working copy of FMP. It doesn\’t matter how you get the application as long as it registered. You need to find the newest one that works, and then work your way up to My oldest one that worked was 12, I used it to upgrade to 13, which then used to upgraded to 14, which I then upgraded to You need the serial numbers for the previous version to supply the \” looking for a qualifying product\” flag in the Popup for each upgrade.

You just point to the previous version. That is why I involved Customer service as they made it easier and answered my questions. Especially about the serial numbers. I\’ll also be invoking customer services.


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