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Luxury Tents

A harmonious blend of luxury lodging with handcrafted furniture while preserving a rustic camping experience. Enjoy time in style glamping in our beautiful luxury tents, having the option to either have a personal jacuzzi overlooking the river or just enjoy a refreshing porch designed to give you breath taking views.


Family Chalet

A perfect family haven, rooms can occupy either up to 4 or 6 guests in either one or two bedrooms. The spacious family rooms offer privacy, comfort and a large balcony for socials with a view. The rooms are placed in the midst allowing a cool breeze through the airy rooms.


Triple Chalet

A soothing sanctuary with generous space for up to 3 guests to enjoy a comfortable stay in serviced rooms and a refreshing porch.


Executive Chalet

Tucked away in the bush, our executive chalets offer beauty and luxurious comfort to a high standard. This fully serviced room with an enchanting balcony fits up to two guests perfect for a couple, friends or relatives.


Safari Double Chalet

A charming hideaway in the midst of the bush with a veranda perfect for bird watching and relaxation. Ideal for a couple, friends or relatives looking to spend some quality time together, it fits up to two guests.


Landela Tents

If you are travelling on a budget but still want comfortable, clean and affordable accommodation our Landela tents are perfect. With an immense amount of natural light and a star feature: the skylight shower is perfect for hot soothing shower under the stars at night.


Mopane House

Travellers on a budget can enjoy supreme comfort in a house with 4 single rooms with surrounded sounds of nature. One room is ensuite and three of the other rooms have a shared bathroom.