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The best comic book apps for organizing a collection in · Numbers · Buy digital · ComicTrack · iCollect Comic Books · Key Collector Comics App. iCollect Comic Books is the #1 app on the Apple App Store for managing your comic book collection and inventory, whether at home, work, or school.

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This app works on all device sizes and syncs directly with our iPhone, iPad, Mac apps, as well as our apps on other platforms. Scan in or search within our database for any comic you own or want and add them to your lists. Full of incredible features! This app is a completely new collecting experience written from the ground up with Apple’s latest Swift language.

Our app was created with a cloud database backend designed specifically to allow each comic to be stored with its own individual attributes. Just send us your import file and we’ll get you rolling. Large comic book collections require an in-app purchase to unlock unlimited storage. I like most of what this app offers. If someone has put in a title you will find it in the database it picks up info from the scanning bar.

Still not a bad deal. The only thing I think it needs is way to put in a title that has no scanning strip or is not in the database. The should be a manual entry without barcode. Please add one to this app.

Also some people would like to see a internet search for the issue their entering to cover ones that are not in the database. The app works well and was very easy to use. The more users it has, should also improve the experience since it’s a collection of all users input. It’s a bit time consuming to build a collection, even with this apps help.

So be prepared. Suggestions to sort it: 1. Allow people to alter the view on the desktop app like: icon size changing or list view 2. Change “series” to “volume”, with numeric Data entry too often do I see inaccurate series data, also I see personal data filled in here too 3. Allow peoples comments to be seen on main page, under where it says series have it pull from the personal tab, so if doesn’t affect others 4.

Change variant to fill with Letters automatically 5. Have same name format surname order. Make publishers universal ex. Learn more. Comic books have been around for a long time. Everybody knows who Superman and Spider-Man are. The movies have done great at the box office as well. As a result, people are reading more comic books.

The good news is that you can read them on mobile. In fact, with how big Marvel has been over the last decade, this is actually a rather crowded market these days. That means you have plenty of options. We can help with that! Here are the best comic book apps and comic book readers for Android!

Amazon Kindle is one of the largest digital book stores on Earth. However, you can certainly use it that way. The service has a bunch of comics to buy.

You can sync your comics between devices and even your Kindle if you have one. Their selections range from older comics to newer ones. See also: The best eBook reader apps for Android. Astonishing Comic Reader is essentially an ereader for comic books. You can also upload the collection to the service for easy syncing between devices. It has Chromecast support so you can read comics from your TV.

There is also a manga mode in case those types of comics are more your thing. You can also access cloud storage via Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive if you prefer to store your comics in the cloud. The UI is clean and there are some neat customizations to the reading experience. An example is the ability to change the white balance or gamma for a better reading experience. Plus, you get the usual stuff like a dark mode.

This is a popular comic book reader on PC and the Android version is quite good as well. See also: The best manga apps for Android. CLZ Comics is something a little bit different. It helps you keep track of your physical comic book collection. You simply scan the barcode or enter it manually.

The app keeps track from there. There is an option to create an account that allows for online backups, data syncing, and cross-platform support. However, this is an excellent way to catalog large collections to keep track of what you have.

You can add comics for free. See also: The best anime apps for Android. Comixology is among the most popular comic book apps.

It boasts a collection of over 75, comics from DC, Marvel, and other publishers. It also has a decent selection of manga. The app itself is excellent for reading comics.


Best Apps For Tracking Your Comic Book Collection.


The app includes plenty of new popular comic books and also some old collective ones. Besides, the searching process does everything for you to be able to find something quick and easy. That way, you can sort manga comics by genre, publishers, and the most popular ones. Moreover, you can create your own collections of manga and sort it however you want. Besides, every manga is split into chapters and contains some information about the author and every character. Overall, Manga by Crunchyroll is a great app that is worth trying for people who already have a Crunchyroll subscription.

Otherwise, you can find something similar for a lower price. Shonen Jump is a company that has been releasing manga comics for almost half of a century and now it has its own app with digital copies of their paper manga. This app is your guide into a world of old-school manga comic books that is constantly growing and adding new releases in its collection. It should be noted that alike other similar apps the majority of comics in this one area need to be paid for.

Besides, you can play with brightness and contrast. Astonishing Comic Reader is a so-called e-book for comic books. This is a useful comics reader application that enables you to read comic books in different formats. Ti should be mentioned that the app has an extremely simple user interface, that is aimed for comfortable reading on any device. In addition to that, this app enables you to create comics collections that can be easily accessed in the side curtain.

Moreover, you can change the scale for a more detailed view of dialogs or drawings. The great thing is, the app is absolutely free. To sum it up, Astonishing Comic Reader is an app that every comics lover should have. Little Nightmares Comics is an app that allows you to read comics based on a famous horror game. The episodes presented are accompanied by unique sound design, animations, and soundtracks. After launching the app, you can enjoy a new and distinctive soundtrack.

The melody is reminiscent of the music from the original game and instantly immerses you in the atmosphere of the universe. The main menu presents four episodes of the comic book. After launching any episode, a gripping story unfolds before you. Events are accompanied by sound effects and animation of some image elements. Reading is done by swiping down, and the pages are fed as a continuous ribbon. You can hear the hurried footsteps of a running character, the hoarse breathing of monsters, the crackling of trees in the forest.

All this is also complemented by intimidating and mysterious melodies. Fans of the game are advised to take their time while reading and carefully study each element of the story. This is not the most popular and powerful app ever, and it is simply a comic reader.

The only thing that is really worth it is to find out about the next sagas and news that they promote in their issues of Marvel Previews and DC Nation, respectively, with info and interviews that may be of interest to fans of the American mainstream comic-book. If we are looking for free superhero comics, even single issues, it is best to go to ComiXology or Marvel Unlimited, the Netflix of Marvel comics, although there the free catalog is much shorter.

What can we do…. It throws a lot of romantic comedy, but there are some other more than an interesting gem in the Action and Adventures section. The application is developed in Indonesia, which means that almost all the comics are in English or in the Malay language, but these are the least.

App to buy and read comics on Android practically identical to those of Marvel and DC. What differentiates these 2 is that it has a larger catalog of free digital comic-books in several languages although Spanish is still very little present. It also has some shortcomings such as the absence of images or previews of the comics. In addition, they publish manga such as Berserk and The Sword of the Immortal, and it is the home of the legendary Hellboy.

The catalog of free comics offered by these 2 publishers is limited like the rest of their American superhero competitors, but at least it does not require registration as in Marvel and DC.

It should be clarified that yes, in the case of BOOM! Studios, last year the publisher decided to withdraw its app from the Play Store, making a rather drastic move and passing all its content to the Madefire platform an application that we mentioned a few paragraphs above. That is why if we look for it in the Google store now we will see that it no longer appears… but hey, we still have the IDW app!

The app supports cloud storage folders, password protection, manga-style right to left displays, image enhancement to correct contrast, brightness, and saturation and other tweaks. Download Comicat: Android. Users can store books locally with the app able to monitor folders to add to your library or through networked drives. Menus and options hide out of the way in reader view, while giving you the ability to apply color corrections, page scaling, and varied navigation modes so you can tweak the reading experience to your liking.

While the app is free, a premium version also supports cloud storage services like Google Drive while adding more page scaling options and a night mode. Springing for the premium version also removes advertising from CDisplayEx.

Instead, you get a capable reader interface that keeps a lot of options easily accessible so that you can quickly customize the reading experience. A simple tap quickly brings up a menu bar for reading direction, screen orientation, page layout and other tools. Users can add bookmarks as well as simple filters to correct for paper aging or color distortion. An in-app purchase removes advertising. Download ComicScreen: Android. Tom’s Guide Tom’s Guide. John Corpuz. Topics Apps.

See all comments 1. You can save time and get more enjoyment from your collection with the right database. As a comic collector, you want to know what you already have and where your collection can use some improvement. You also want to do so quickly because there are more comics to find and read and the last thing you want to do is spend too much time managing your collection. This is where a database software dedicated to comic book collectors is very useful. Many of these programs were developed by collectors just like you and they know what you want, what’s important, and which features may just be unnecessary fluff.

The features in comic software tend to be similar from one developer to the next. Most will allow you to input your collection, track where you might be missing an issue or two, and let you build a wish list for your stash. These are important for the serious collector, particularly if you’re investing in your collection and concerned about its value. Even if you’re a casual or beginning comic collector , you’ll find that these programs will enhance your enjoyment as your collection grows.

You won’t have to physically search boxes to know which issues you have or which character made an appearance in a which books, the database takes care of all of it.


The Best Apps For Comic Book Collectors | Tech Times


App that helps you hunt down the nearest comics store location. Features more than 2, store locations, and offers the ability to see the 25 stores closest to the user. The ability to find new stores, and conventions near your home or when on vacation. App that lets users make their own comics. After being inspired by your favorite comic creators, it’s time to create your own.

Amazing graphics, over layout and caption tools that make it easy to use. A social media site that connects users who can’t get enough of comics culture. Show your love for comics, share your favorite titles and discover new ones. Being able to make new friends in the comics community.

A podcast that focuses on all things comic book. By giving you the assurance that no key issue will ever slip through your fingers again and drastically cutting down the amount of time you spend looking through a box of comics. Just flip through issues with one hand and scroll through the app with the other.

The database is updated at least once a week to include new character debuts that have been announced. There are well over 7, individual issues organized in the database that have some instance of significance attached to it.

You can search for over 2, characters in 1, titles from major publishers like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Valiant, Image and many independents producers from the Golden Age of comics to today. Key Collector Comics is your guide through the history of comics told through the key issues that defined the landscape.

More Features: o A simplified price guide and grading assessment for new and experienced collectors to determine if a comic book appropriate for purchase o The ability to expand displayed comic covers for a more detailed view o The ability to collapse covers for faster scrolling through listed keys o A filtering option that lets you search in a specific comic book age Golden Age approx.

Safety starts with understanding how developers collect and share your data. Data privacy and security practices may vary based on your use, region, and age. The developer provided this information and may update it over time. Here are the best apps to download for those users who just can’t get enough of comic book culture.

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I wish it didn’t crash everytime I use it. It just freezes after a couple searches as I scroll through. Otherwise, it’s a valuable tool, even if it’s time consuming because of that. Wish they didn’t include “iconic image” books that have that as the only reason for being key, but others may not agree with me on that. Yes, it got better but still crashed on occasion. I see you’ve updated it again, so maybe that will help, thanks! Hello, we just released a new version.

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