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Understanding Layer Sets. Finish the relevant interior structure including It is always a good idea to create backup copies of all your important files on your When backing up your Chief Architect files, computer.

Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free.Directory List 2.3 Medium

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Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free


Archktect Manual A description of the software interface, including drawing tools and settings. Chief Architect, Inc. Mineral Dr. All rights reserved. No part of this documentation or the accompanying software may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from Chief Architect, Inc.

All See www. Open rights reserved. See version 1. This software uses the Ruby open source library. Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free prsmier trademarks and chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free are the property of Chief Architect, Inc.

Created in the United States of America. Backup Entire Plan or Project Chapter 3: Tutorrial Management Project Browser Chapter 5: Toolbars and Hotkeys Toolbar Arrangement Chapter 8: Displaying Objects Displaying Objects Display Toggles Measuring Walls Chapter Rooms Room Definition Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free Doors Door Defaults Chapter Windows Window Defaults Chapter Cabinets Cabinet Defaults Chapter Electrical Electrical Defaults Chapter Foundations Foundation Defaults Displaying Foundations Chapter Roofs Automatic vs.

Manual Roofs Chapter Framing Framing Defaults Automatic Framing The Framing Tools Chapter Trusses Truss Defaults Chapter Other Objects Primitive Tools Chapter Materials About Materials Chapter 3D Rendering Rendering Tips Adjust Sunlight Dialog Chapter Terrain Terrain Toolbar Configuration Chapter Plants and Sprinklers Plant Tools Chapter Layout Layout Preferences and Defaults Chapter Printing and Plotting Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free to Printing Chief Architect is specifically designed for the Chapter Frew residential and light commercial design professional.

Chief Architect Premier vs Interiors Not all of the features apple final cut pro x key free in this основываясь на этих данных are For a list of archtect features in each program, visit our available in the Interiors version of Chief Architect. Startup Options When Chief Architect opens, the Startup Options dialog displays, allowing you to choose how you want to begin working in the нажмите чтобы прочитать больше or access useful resources.

Click on a name to 4 When an internet connection is available, the open the file. You set the number of files in this list Announcements section displays updated in the Preferences dialog. If your software license uncheck Show Options on Startup in the has an expiration date, it will also display here.

Preferences windows 10 home edition guest account free. To prevent the Startup Options dialog from displaying when you launch Chief Architect.

The Chief Architect Environment Chief Architect is designed to be intuitive and coordinates, again specified in Imperial or metric efficient. CAD objects such as lines and arcs take up space in 3D Drafting two dimensions in the current view. Their In Chief Architect, the drawing area is laid out on a dimensions can also be specified in Imperial or Cartesian grid, a three dimensional coordinate metric units and their locations precisely defined system described using the X, Y, and Z axes.

The using coordinates. When the program presents the Architectural objects take up space in all three option to rotate to an Absolute Angle, this angle will dimensions and their height, width and depth can be be measured relative to an imaginary horizontal line specified in Imperial or metric units.

In addition, the drawn in floor plan view from the origin in the location of objects can be precisely defined using positive X direction. Menus Tabbed Side Toolbars Windows.

Interface Temporary Toggles Dimension. Weights, and the Reference Display can be turned on when needed and then toggled off. For example, you can set up When a setting is turned on, its icon will display a your windows and doors to match those available small checkmark at its lower right corner and have a from your chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free.

Object Snaps is disabled Interface Toggles A number pre,ier useful drawing and editing behaviors, as well as the display посмотреть еще important elements in the interface, can be easily enabled and disabled using Angle Snaps is enabled the menus and toolbars. Individual Object Preferences while others are file-specific default Snaps and Extension Snaps can be toggled as settings.

Note: If you are left-handed and have re-pro- grammed your mouse, reverse the instructions for Keyboard left and right buttons in this manual. A keyboard is necessary for entering text and size The Right button has several uses. Your keyboard can also be used to cief the dialog panels, as well as navigate the program Right-click to select any object.

If, for example, the menus. Many commands can also be invoked using Straight Exterior Wall tool is active, the left keyboard hotkeys. Three Button Mice You can also use the right mouse button to open a The left button is the primary button used context sensitive menu with additional editing in Chief Architect. Unless specified commands. The Middle button can be premie to pan tuotrial most view types or to chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free use the Many objects, such as doors and cabinets, are created Move edit behavior.

To close a tabbed view by clicking the left mouse button. Others, such as window, click on its tab using the middle walls, stairs and dimension lines, are created by mouse button. You can also program it to work as a dragging the pointer from one end of the object to the double-click. If your mouse does not have a middle mouse button, Edit Fere in the Mac version of Chief Architect you can use the left chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free and chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free Command key to achieve the A selected object has edit handles that can be used to same results.

When you move the pointer over an edit handle, information The Mouse Wheel can be used to нажмите чтобы увидеть больше in about what it does displays in the Status Bar and the and out in most view types. See the documentation for your mouse. Resize handles display along the edges of the object 3D Mice are used to change the size. Chief Architect. Depending on the type of object s In addition to the standard trackpad gestures on your selected and how far you are zoomed in or out, the system, in Chief Chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free you can pinch to zoom.

Panning with a trackpad is not supported in the Windows version of the software, however. Touch Screens Standard one-finger touch screen gestures are supported in both the Windows and Mac versions of the software.

In the Windows version, touching with The triangular Rotate handle lets you rotate the a second finger to cancel an action is also supported, object. Crosshairs Crosshairs help you position the ffee relative to objects in a view while drawing and Object labels also have their own Move and editing.

They can be set to display in Plan and Cross Rotate handles. Perspective and Orthographic camera views. You can cancel any edit handle operation before it is completed by pressing the Esc key on your cbief. Icon Setting Angle Snaps The edit handles that display depend on the type of object selected, the current view, and how far you are Alternate Edit Behavior zoomed out. Edit handles do not resize as you zoom Move Edit Behavior in or out.

If you are zoomed out far enough, some edit handles may be hidden so that they do not stack Resize Edit Behavior over one another. As you zoom in, these handles Concentric Edit Behavior become visible again. For Point example, when the Select Objects tool is active, Auto Rebuild Terrain it will look like a white arrow, and when a Cabinet Rebuilding Walls, Floors and Tool is active, it will look like a base cabinet Ceilings with a small cross.

Fix Wall Connections. In addition, one or more additional icons may follow Irregular Wall Angles the pointer if a recommended setting is not in use or if a problematic condition exists in the file:.

It also Although only one view window can be active at any features two different kinds of windows: view given time, there is no limit to the number of view windows and side windows. View windows can be tiled or tabbed, and you can navigate between them View Windows in a number of different ways. This creates a second, separate CAD objects.

There are a number of different types program window complete with toolbars and chief architect premier x8 tutorial pdf free. You can also enable scroll bars on their to the top or bottom, or undocked tuotrial. There are several different types of frwe window: right side and bottom. When the docked View menu or by clicking the toolbar button window becomes highlighted, release the mouse associated with it.

Similarly, each can be closed by button. When the docked window becomes highlighted, slowly drag the mouse To undock a side window, either drag its title bar out towards one of its sides.

When a highlighted into the drawing area or click the Undock button on space is created along that side, release the mouse its title bar.


Documentation – Reference Manual & Tutorial Guide | Chief Architect – Menu di navigazione


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