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This lifecycle typically lasts for 10 years from the date of the product’s initial release, and the end of this lifecycle is known as the. Microsoft will now be provide Extended Support for the (following products below) until April 13, , extending the original end of support.


Microsoft project server 2010 end of life free.Office 2010 is no longer supported. Security & software updates have ended


On top of that, extended support for SharePoint is slowly but surely coming to an end. What does it mean, and what are the consequences? While the first one includes incident support, security update support, and non-security update requests, the latter only offers free security updates. Hence, once SharePoint extended support expires, monthly SharePoint updates that we all know and try to keep up with will be no more.

That would be the end of life for SharePoint It comes as no surprise that after SharePoint extended support endsyou will be choosing microsoft project server 2010 end of life free two options: migration to Microsoft or upgrading SharePoint on-premises. If you believe that there is a third option microsodt keep using SharePoint — let me remind you about the recent Exchange Servers attacks.

Microsoft released multiple security updates to deal with exploited vulnerabilities. Without SharePoint supportif attackers exploit SP vulnerabilities, you cannot expect any Microsoft updates. You will be facing a huge security risk which can result in attackers stealing ehd data. ( Therefore, I highly download photoshop bagas you stay in line with the first two options. Migration to Microsoft and SharePoint online might seem like an obvious choice for microsoft project server 2010 end of life free lot of companies.

Nevertheless, some companies will stay loyal to SharePoint on-premisesas they want to keep complete control over their SharePoint environment.

That way, microsoft project server 2010 end of life free can ensure there are fred or only minor outages. Although Microsoft guarantees high uptime numbers in their Service Level Agreements, the cloud is in no way failure-proof, and we have seen a fair number of outages thus far.

Running a high number of customizations and custom apps that fnd only читать далее servers might be another reason to stay on-premises. Changing technologies and building a custom mixrosoft from scratch may not be something that you are willing to do again if you already invested a fair amount of sweat and tears in the first place.

Lastly, some businesses will never trust to put their data anywhere else than their servers. In case you decide to upgrade to a higher version of SharePoint on-premiseskeep. Microsoft explains that this will allow them to support their customers better as they rapidly innovate products and cloud services. Another thing to remember — you must first upgrade to SharePoint before you страница upgrade to SharePoint For SharePointyou must microsoft project server 2010 end of life free upgrade to SharePointthen to SharePointand just then, you will be able to upgrade to Microsoft project server 2010 end of life free Hence, expect that there is lfe on-premises upgrade waiting for you just around the corner.

Regardless of which course of action you decide to take, several steps are recommended to make the transition easier. Foremost, planning and preparation should take up a significant miceosoft of time if you want microsodt avoid problems along the way. To help you get ready, you can use SPDocKit that offers a wide variety of ways to explore, document, and manage your SharePoint farm.

If you like video guides better, watch our live demo session to learn how to use SPDocKit for migration planning. When planning an upgrade or a migration, lie is good to know what you are dealing with in the first place. SPDocKit enables you to:. That way, you will be able to discover if there are any SharePoint farms in your environment that require your immediate servsr. For other farms, you will be able to see rpoject the latest security patches are installed or micrrosoft. As already mentioned, migrating custom solutions to the zerver is not o option.

You will need to ensure the customizations wanted are supported by Microsoft SPDocKit provides you with a means to discover all potential road blockers and make an sevrer decision on their lf in your migration project.

If you have ever moved miccrosoft another place, you know it is not easy; you need to move many heavy boxes with things collected throughout the years. But do you need those high school clothes that do not fit anymore? The same applies to all the things on your SharePoint farm that were micgosoft used for a long time.

The fewer things you move, the more time and money you save. If moving to Microsoftkeep in mind that you need to prepare for a flatter content structure — instead of multiple levels of subsites, here you can utilize Hubs to bring related sites together.

Migration to the cloud is also an excellent time to clean your house regarding security and perform an access review. The cloud offers new security structures, such as Microsoft Groups and Microsoft Teams, that ease administration.

You need to analyze the current permission structure and decide what can be transformed into teams and groups. SPDocKit can help you:.

After upgrading, use SPDocKit to help you create detailed server configuration documentationmanage permissions, ed view microsoft project server 2010 end of life free contextual audit log reports. If you switched to MicrosoftSysKit has you covered there as well. Know as soon as /1925.txt change happens and make sure there are no misconfigurations.

Use SysKit Point to ensure high Microsoft governance and security standards after the migration is over. Let duty free of windows 10 call for data owners microsoft project server 2010 end of life free a part of the governance processes by establishing automated access reviews and content lifecycle management.

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