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UCL Software Database The majority of software that is made available through the software database is for use for teaching, and learning and research that is publicly available. If you need software for commercial research please contact us. If you need support with installation or a licence key is not working please contact the ISD Service Desk. Reference management software package, used to manage bibliographies and references when writing essays and articles.

Aleph provides academic, research, and national libraries with the efficient, user-friendly tools and workflow support. AquaChem is a groundwater software package specifically tailored for anyone working with water data. An advanced and easy-to-use groundwater software package for graphical analysis and reporting of pumping test and slug test data.

Now available on Mac and Windows. For the analysis and comprehension of genomic data. Bioconductor provides tools for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic data. Bioconductor uses the R statistical programming language – see below for information about R on Legion.

SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation application unifies and streamlines the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process and can enable a faster close. CanoDraw supports thoroughly all the visual aspects of multivariate data analysis with linear and unimodal ordination methods. Visualize a chemically intelligent drawing interface that provides a portal to an entire range of analytical tools, and facilitates the transformation of structural or analytical data into professional, easy-to-decipher reports or presentations.

With vector illustration, page layout, photo-editing and tracing software, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is ideal for professional and occasional designers tackling any type of graphics project.

DemoGraphics is a software package, which makes it easy to browse, analyse and present global demographic data from the United Nations Population Assessments and Projections edition. Depthmap is a single software platform to perform a set of spatial network analyses designed to understand social processes within the built environment. It is also useful for computing rates of change for just about any other boundary chang.

A multi-language software development environment comprising an IDE and a plug-in system to extend it. Contains detailed, illustrated coverage of the first two months of human embryonic development and charts the emergence of the head and neck, nervous system, special senses and all the major organ systems of the thorax and abdomen.

ENVI is the premier software solution for processing and analyzing geospatial imagery used by scientists, researchers, image analysts, and GIS professionals around the world. Computes a variety of biodiversity functions, estimators, and indices based on biotic sampling data. An interpreter for the PostScript TM language, with the ability to convert PostScript language files to many raster formats, view them on displays, and print them on printers that don\’t have PostScript language capability built i.

GnuPG allows to encrypt and sign your data and communication, features a versatile key management system as well as access modules for all kind of public key directories. A 3D modelling program designed for architects, civil engineers, film makers, game developers, and related professions.

A free, open source geographical information system GIS capable of handling raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphic data. GW Contour offers the perfect combination of tools and techniques for groundwater and environmental professionals. ICE-GB consists of a million words of spoken and written English and adheres to the common corpus design. Every text is grammatically annotated, permitting complex and detailed searches across th.

Empowers users to construct, navigate, share and criticize knowledge models represented as concept maps. Inspiration is the essential visual thinking and learning tool students rely on to plan, research and complete projects successfully. Java is a programming language and computing platform. This products license has changed please review before installing and understand your usage rights. JDiskReport enables you to understand how much space the files and directories consume on your disk drives, and it helps you find obsolete files and folders.

Is a platform and development environment for a visual programming language from National Instruments. A computational software program used in scientific, engineering, and mathematical fields and other areas of technical computing. Mesquite is software for evolutionary biology, designed to help biologists analyse comparative data about organisms.

Based around the concept of Mind Mapping, which allows the user to capture large amounts of disparate information and gives them the ability to view content from different viewpoints. The product is a software library of numerical analysis routines. It comprises a collection of mathematical and statistical algorithms. Areas covered include linear algebra, optimization, quadrature, differential equations, regression analysis.

Viewing software specially designed for digital slide observation. Allows making observations just as if operating a microscope. Share information and work across geographical or organisational boundaries with Office Professional Plus. To provide radiocarbon calibration and analysis of archaeological and environmental chronological information.

Data analysis package originally aimed at palaeontology but now also popular in ecology and other fields. Adobe Photoshop Elements software combines power and simplicity so you can make your photos look extraordinary, share your life stories in unique print creations and web experiences, and easily manage and protect all your photos and video clips.

Capable of handling various formats of digital video, media clips, sound, text, animation, music, and interactive panoramic images. Is an integrated system of software products. That enables the programmer to perform: data entry, retrieval, management, and mining report writing and graphics statistical analysis business planning, forecasting, and decision support operations.

Seismic Waves is a Windows program which illustrates how wave propagate from an earthquake hypocenter to seismic stations throughout the earth. SigmaPlot provides more than different 2-D and 3-D graph types. From simple 2-D scatter plots to compelling contour plots, SigmaPlot gives you the exact technical graph type you need for your demanding research.

Capture anything you see on the screen. Edit and combine those captures. Share them via your favorite applications. Organize and find them again later. An anti-virus and computer security software for Macs and Windows, only available for certain departments. Integrated statistical package that provides everything you need for data analysis, data management, and graphics.

STELLA offers a practical way to dynamically visualize and communicate how complex systems and ideas really work. LaTeX is a high-quality typesetting system; it includes features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation.

A program for classifying species and samples, producing an ordered two-way table of their occurrence. An object-oriented computer programming language that can be viewed as an evolution of Microsoft\’s Visual Basic VB which is implemented on the Microsoft. NET Framework. VLC is a portable multimedia player, encoder, and streamer supporting many audio and video codecs and file formats as well as DVDs, VCDs, and various streaming protocols.

A digital media player and media library application developed by Microsoft that is used for playing audio, video and viewing images on personal computers.

It runs under windows, and is a 32bit program. Its main function is secure file transfer between a local and a remote computer. Beyond this, WinSCP offers basic file manager and file synchronization functionality.

The program classifies species and samples, producing an ordered two-way table of their occurrence. The process of classification is hierarchical; samples are successively divided into categories, and species are then divided into categories on the basis.

Corel WordPerfect Office is the ideal office software for home and business users, delivering more productivity tools that make your work go faster and your life go easier. Used extensively for automated model calibration and data interpretation in groundwater and surface-water hydrology, geophysics, geotechnical, mechanical and mining engineering as well as many other fields. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software is essential for today\’s digital photography workflow. With Lightroom 2, you spend less time in front of the co.

Boost your produ. ColdFusion allows developers to condense complex business logic into fewer lines of code. With Adobe Premiere Elements software, making incredible movies is easier than ever. Enhance your stories with professional style. Share virtually anywhere. And easily manage and protect all your video clips and photos.

SQL Server Standard edition includes the core database engine, along with the stand-alone services. It differs from Enterprise edition in that it supports fewer active instances number of nodes in a cluster. It can be used to develop console and graphical user interface applications along with Windows Forms applications, web sites, web applications, and web services.

Origin is an easy-to-use software application that provides powerful data analysis and publication-quality graphing capabilities tailored to the needs of scientists and engineers.

Allway Sync is free file and folder synchronization software for Windows. Allway Sync uses innovative synchronization algorithms to synchronize your data between desktop PCs, laptops, USB drives and more. Allway Sync combines bulletproof reliability wi.

The client is available at no charge to educational institutions. SWF presentations from your PowerPoint content. PPSX keeping its visual parameters, animation effects and slide transitions, audio narrations, video an. UCL Moodle is the centrally supported virtual learning environment VLE used in over of UCL\’s courses and programmes to support and enhance teaching, learning and research.

All members of UCL are able to login to Moodle. The Moodle service is pro. MapInfo Professional has the ability to combine and display, on a single map, data from a variety of sources that are in different formats and projections.

The software is capable of overlaying raster and vector layers on the same map. PLAS is a software tool for modelling integrative systems in which the dynamics can be described by differential equations. JMP pronounced \”jump\” is a computer program that was first developed by John Sall and others to perform simple and complex statistical analyses. It dynamically links statistics with graphics to interactively explore, understand, and visualize data.



Quarkxpress 10 validation code free


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