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Let’s proceed with the Open button in the Code-check manager. All members, plates, welds , etc. When you import a model from CAD program like Tekla Structures, you need to input the internal forces to load the members. In this example where you have many members, you can easily import the forces from the attached excel sheet.

To import the forces, you can check workflow in the Knowledgebase: How to import load effects from an Excel sheet. If you would like to or it is necessary, you could change whatever you want in IDEA StatiCa change settings, add some operations, etc. Regarding our connection, we have finished the design.

You can start the analysis by clicking Calculate in the ribbon. The analysis model is automatically generated, the calculation is performed and you can see the Overall check displayed together with basic values of check results.

Go to the display tab Check and there activate Equivalent stress, Mesh , and Deformed from the ribbon to get a full picture of what is happening in the joint. To explore the detailed results for Bolts , expand the results for the bolt B3. Next, go to the tab Report. You can take advantage of the Synchronize function. The originally defined Load effects are saved. You have to use the Save function.

And finally, close the Connection application window. Check out what kind of information is provided in the Code-check manager window. The design process is an iterative way how to mechanically arrange the structure parts in a way that it will work and pass the code-check. Usually, it takes a few changes in the whole process. Take advantage of the Synchronization function for the current item.

For the sake of the example, you will change a few items. And add one row of bolts. The change in the structural model is imminent and now you can choose to Synchronize IDEA StatiCa detects changes in already imported entities — changes in thickness, changes in cross-section, modification of properties of welds, bolts, etc.

After a while, the connection data will be updated. For the tutorial demonstration, additional connections will be imported. According to the figure below, import the four other connections. The second imported connection is the top part of one of the columns. Start with the Connection command in the Code-check manager and then the selection must be made.

After the import, the Conn-2 will be listed in the Code-check manager , and connection components highlighted in the project window. The third connection for import is a middle-right frame corner. After a successful import, you can see the list according to the picture below. The fourth connection for import is the middle-left frame corner. Carefully review ALL steps below before installing :. However, if you made changes to any of our system files i. For additional information about Tekla Structures installation , see the linked article.

Skip to main content. Not version-specific Tekla Structures. Tekla Structures Download. Not environment-specific. For subscription customers, planning to use versions and forward Online License Go to the Tekla Structures download site and, from the drop-down menu, browse for your version of choice: Image. Was this helpful?

What is missing? Leave this field blank. A release candidate RC is a beta version, which is ready to release unless significant bugs emerge.

However, it is not the final product. Scroll down to Running the installations before installing your downloads. As new updates or Service Packs are released for your chosen version of Tekla Structures , Steps 2 and 3 will have those latest updates available to download. We always recommend that you download and install the latest service pack available.

If you do not install an environment, only a Blank environment will be available.


Tekla structures 2017 installation guide free

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Tekla structures 2017 installation guide free. Tekla Structural Designer

If more changes in the project are needed and more exported joints are affected, you can use Synchronize all tab All items command. This would be compatible with 64 bit windows. All members, plates, weldsetc. Licenses can be from your online organization or assigned to you as an external license user in some other organization from inside the Tekla Online Admin Tool. Tekla Читать далее tekla structures 2017 installation guide free can distribute the software using a customized installation that contains your company settings. Take advantage of the Synchronization function for the current item.


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