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Changing another field with combo box (drop down) selection.Acrobat Standard XI crashing shortly after launch – Adobe Support Community –

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Adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free


For example, pre-populating or hiding a block of form fields, resetting lists, changing how calculations are done, etc. Using Combo Boxes like this is an excellent way to create dynamic and interactive documents. Unfortunately, the way Acrobat Events work can make this a slightly confusing task to set up.

But, with a little knowledge Combo Boxes really are easy to work with. It receives a whole series of events вот ссылка keystrokes, selections, validation and formatting. For this tip only a single event is needed download activation key for windows 10 pro Change Event since it is only necessary to know when a new selection has been made.

The Change Event is the same as the Keystroke Event. This is the same event used with the Text Edit Box. In both Lists and Combo Boxes this event is triggered when the user makes a selection. In the following example the Change Event is used to pre-populate a set of form fields. Combo Test Start This document is the starting point for the example. It contains all the necessary form fields, but none of the JavaScript code. To get started, open this file first.

Combo Test Completed This is the completed example with all the code. Otherwise, the selection change is not detected until the user takes the focus off the Combo Box by clicking on, or tabbing into, another field. This code controls how the form will respond to a user selection.

The first line if event. The second line if event. This is a little form design trick. When the user selects it, the fields are cleared that would otherwise be populated with some data. For valid selections, the SetFieldValues function is called. It is this function that performs some action on the other form fields such as hiding or showing fields or changing how a calculation will be performed. In this example, the script will be pre-populating some fields. Enter the following code into the script editor.

Note that the SetFieldValues function definition is already in the script. By default Acrobat creates a function with the same name as the script. The first part of this code is an object literal definition, DeptDatathat contains all the department data, i. The data is set up all in one object to make it easy to access in code and easy to change in the future. For exactly these reasons it is good coding practice to centralize data the script will deal with whenever possible.

The data object is adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free as a two level object with the department names on the first level, and all the other info in the second level. The specific department data is acquired from the department data object by treating the department data object as an array, for example:. The last step of this process is to try it out. Field pre-population has adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free advantages.

For some reason my first question never posted even though I tried a couple times, however I did get my order form figured out. Thanks, Susan. I just thought of another question to go along with my previous one. And if so, how can I achieve that? Thanks again! Denine, Why yes, of course there is a way to adapt this technique for changing another combobox.

All you have читать больше do is figure out how to get the combobox to change from code. To restate this, what you need to be able to do is run a adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free line of code from the console window that modifies the combobox in question. Once you can do this you have all you need. However, when I add a second combo box that I want to complete a second text field, neither work. Is there a way to do this?

Phillip, The error is caused by the semicolon at the end of the function statement. Remove it. Is it possible to pre-populate an image instead of text?

With the document I am generating, we want an option to be selected in the combo box and then have text pre-populate in one form field with an image beside it. Jose Chan, The entries in the dropdown do not automatically wrap. I am seeking a way to present Models 6 variablesItem description up to 30 variables for each modelPartNumber 1 PartNumber per item – no duplicates.

Jario, Without analyzing your document adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free is impossible for me to know the specific issue that is causing the script to fail.

You can try out both the basic code that goes into the function and then the completed function before ever putting it into a document level script. You can find out more about the console window from this video. Everything works great however, I would like to modify the same script and add it to the same pdf as SetsecondFieldValues and have the code display different content within the same form.

Жмите for your help! You should be able to do this with Acrobat XI. This tutorial is just a bit dated and the form feature only use to be part of Pro in much earlier versions of Acrobat. Hi I have tried this with great success using a adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free of PRO adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free что coreldraw graphics suite 2017 patch free download we only purchased standard to work with?

Is it possible to do the same in acrobat adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free – any help would be most appreciated! I thought standard would be able to do this – I think I was misled by the software company! De Khi, Please post a specific issue to the forums. For example, exactly what error are you getting. What exactly is the behavior. How exactly did you enter the code. This is exactly what I am looking for! Another way to do this is to use a dash, which is a better visual cue.

I want it to be able to add the description and price if the model is selected. I have 20 model fields with products in each dropdown.

I added the keystroke code to each of the 20 model fields. For example, if model1 is selected, it would change notes1 and price1. Would I have to create a different variable for each? To test the code, I started with the first model, description, and price fields and three of the product options.

I was able to get it to work. When I try to add all 20 model fields and all description and product options, It stopped working. How would the Javascript looks adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free 1. Check-box named Check Box1 3. Chris, You can absolutely fill another drop down based on a selection.

See this tutorial. I am attempting to set a value for a text field based on the selected value of a dropdown list. My code works, with a flaw – I must select option 1, then select a second option for продолжить чтение text field to display the correct text for the first option selected. I can post code if necessary.

What I did instead was just add all the code from Step adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free into the same spot as Step 8. Just put everything into the Custom Keystroke of the dropdown box. This is exactly what I am trying to do. I could do steps 1 through 9.

I also created a javascript similar as the one of Rob. But with much more data. When I cut the amount of data down till chars or so. (https://realdetroitweekly.com/) Then the script works fine. I had typed one record and I tried it… that works fine, when I copied that same line e.

Is it possible that there is a limit to the amount of data? Thanks so much. Truly appreciate your input. I was going crazy trying to figure this out. You made my day, man. Adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free owe ya, big time!

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Adobe acrobat xi standard has stopped working free

Solved: Hi anyone. Have started having issues with Acrobat XI Pro version just shutting down after about 5 seconds. Have unistalled and re-installed and. Solved: Acrobat XI standard on windows 10 crashes after seconds. Tried may fixes found online and nothing has worked so far. This is a corporate ouned.


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