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The show features characters from the Raw brand , to which WWE employees are assigned to work and perform. The show debuted on January 11, and is currently considered to be one of two flagship shows, along with Friday Night SmackDown. The WWE Network has ceased operations in the United States as of April 5, , with all content being moved to Peacock TV , which currently has most Raw episodes, excluding content that was censored or removed by Peacock TV\’s standards and practices department.

Since its first episode, Raw has been broadcast live from different arenas, cities and towns, and ten different nations: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Afghanistan in , Iraq in and , South Africa, [7] Germany, [8] Japan, [9] Italy, [10] and Mexico. The original Raw was sixty minutes in length and broke new ground in televised professional wrestling. Traditionally, wrestling shows were taped on sound stages with small audiences or at large arena shows.

The Raw formula was considerably different from the taped weekend shows that aired at the time such as Superstars and Wrestling Challenge. Instead of matches taped weeks in advance with studio voice overs and taped discussion, Raw was a show shot and aired to a live audience, with angles playing out as they happened.

The combination of an intimate venue and live action proved to be a successful improvement. However, the weekly live schedule proved to be a financial drain on the WWF. From Spring up until Spring , Raw would tape several week\’s worth of episodes after a live episode had aired. The first episode produced outside of New York was taped in Bushkill , Pennsylvania in November and Raw left the Manhattan Center permanently as the show would be taken on the road throughout the United States and had in smaller venues.

At the start of the ratings war in through to mid, Raw and Nitro exchanged victories over each other in a closely contested rivalry. Beginning in mid, however, due to the nWo angle , Nitro started a ratings win-streak that lasted for 84 consecutive weeks, ending on April 13, It was also during the time Raw would be aired live more often. On orders from Eric Bischoff , Nitro announcer Tony Schiavone gave away this previously taped result on a live Nitro and then sarcastically added, \”That\’s gonna put some butts in the seats\”, consequently resulting in over , viewers switching channels to Raw Is War to see the underdog capture the WWF Championship.

In March , as a result of the overabundance of talent left over from the Invasion storyline, WWF instituted a process known as the \” brand extension \”, under which Raw and SmackDown!

Since , the two-hour version of that week\’s Raw has aired on Syfy. On the August 29, episode of Raw , it was announced that performers from Raw and SmackDown were no longer exclusive to their respective brand, thus effectively dissolving the brand extension. Furthermore, the broadcast table was moved to the entrance ramp similar to how it was in — Strowman won the Gauntlet match by pinning The Miz in what was the longest match in WWE history, lasting nearly two hours.

From March 12, to August 18, , WWE announced that all of its live programs was aired from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida without an audience until further notice beginning with the following day\’s episode of SmackDown due to the COVID pandemic that resulted in the suspension of many professional sports leagues.

Raw \’ s original set featured red, white, and blue ring-ropes, a blue ring-apron, blue steps, and a small stage made of neon tubes. Since March 10, , broadcasts of Raw were split into two hours and given hourly names for television ratings purposes , with the first hour being referred to as Raw Is War and the second as War Zone in television listings, and by the show\’s on-screen graphics beginning with the June 9, episode.

War Zone opened with simply the Raw intro repeated, punctuated with the War Zone logo, until the November 24, broadcast when it finally debuted its own distinct opening video, albeit simply a remixed Raw opening video. In , the entrance way was changed to feature \”Raw\” in giant letters. They also updated the stage to feature a 70 foot tall large screen video wall known as the \”TitanTron\”, which consisted a projection screen with several metal stage trusses and a video projector.

The set also initially featured curtains on each side with truss beams and lighting later bearing the \”WWF Attitude\” banner on the sides. The Chyron graphics were added to the bottom from the July 2, episode. Beginning October 1, , in direct response to the September 11 attacks , the first hour was referred to as Raw instead of Raw Is War and the second hour changed from the War Zone to the Raw Zone by the show\’s on-screen graphics; however, announcers would generally refer to the entire two-hour block as Raw on-air.

Raw updated to a new, industrial-inspired, parallelogram -shaped TitanTron in When the War ended, they began advertising their website on the ring aprons instead. They occasionally used black ropes. Like the previous set, the TNN logo was relocated to the bottom side of the TitanTron which was then replaced by the Spike TV logo on August 11, upon network relaunch. The set was designed by Production Designer Jason Robinson and it is larger than the previous TitanTron with the dimensions of 55 foot wide by 25 foot tall weighing about 4, lbs.

On October 3, , as Raw returned to USA Network, the set was retained but the beams and lighting on the sides were modified. No changes to the Raw set beyond October 9, when it unveiled the new logo and opening intro featuring \” However, the logo and intro was retained until November 9, even with the changeover to high-definition broadcast on January 21, , replacing the previous set which the \”Minitron\” was destroyed by Triple H when Vince McMahon\’s face was shown.

In , Raw went HD debuting a new stage. In , WWE retired the red ropes for Raw after thirteen years for an all white scheme, and in became standard for all WWE programming. In , Raw updated their HD set. Starting in mid , this set would also be featured in pay-per-views. Komen organization for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

WWE is one of many organizations who provide financial contributions as well as getting customers and employees to support the cause. On August 18, , Raw switched to a full letterbox widescreen presentation, with a down-scaled version of the native HD feed on a SD feed. In conjunction with this, Raw updated its graphics package, with the new WWE logo first used with the WWE Network\’s launch in February now on the lower-right corner of the screen, right next to the word, \”Live\”.

Also, the new WWE logo is seen on the ring\’s turnbuckle covers. The USA Network logo has also been moved to the lower-left hand corner of the screen.

Also, Raw \’ s theme song \”The Night\” was modified. On the 1,th episode of Raw , \”The Night\” by Kromestatik debuted as the theme for Raw while \”Energy\” by Shinedown served as the secondary theme-song until August 18, , when it was replaced with \”Denial\” by We Are Harlot.

On the September 14, season premiere of Raw , the middle rope was colored gold. Throughout the month of October , the program partnered with Susan G. Komen for the Cure to promote Breast Cancer Awareness Month , with various stage elements being made pink. On July 25, , the ropes returned to red, the announce table moved back to the top of the stage for the first time since , and a new HD set and graphics were debuted. The new set was almost identical to the set used for SummerSlam and It received some negativity after the newly dubbed \”New Era\” was using an older set.

The set was revamped just four weeks later with a more elaborate and distinctive design. The new set featured the absence of a traditional TitanTron which had been custom since On the January 29, episode of Raw, new graphics and an updated logo were introduced, which lasted until September 23, On September 30, for its season premiere and coinciding with the premiere of SmackDown on Fox later that week , Raw introduced a new set including the reinstatement of pyrotechnics, which had been dropped in due to budget issues , updated logo cropped with a chevron to make it resemble the corner of a ring , and new theme music \”Legendary\” by Skillet.

It was also revealed that both shows will now be staffed by separate writing teams. In September , the ropes would turn white from red permanently which would also apply the same to SmackDown. On November 22, , an updated version of the logo was introduced, alongside new graphics, and theme song. In August , the court ruled in favor of Muscle Flex, Inc. In a press release date issued on July 20, , Muscle Flex Inc. In previous quarters, these numbers were even higher.

Similarly, in June , the WWE issued a legal order to Raw Motors, an automobile repair company in Colwick , UK, over a logo that it claims infringes on one of its logos for Raw that was used from to Throughout its broadcast history, the show has aired episodes that have different themes. Some of them are yearly events such as the Slammy Awards. Others include tributes to various professional wrestlers who have recently died or retired from actively performing, as well as episodes commemorating various show milestones or anniversaries such as Raw , which celebrated the th broadcast.

The show features various on-air personalities including the wrestlers themselves both males and females , ring announcers, commentators, on-screen authority figures and musicians. Raw also has had various recurring on-air segments hosted by members of the roster.

Raw also airs Wednesdays on Universo in Spanish. Occasionally, Raw is aired on same-day tape delay when WWE is on an overseas tour. Raw had aired in Australia on Fox8 since , usually on a hour tape delay, but has started airing live as of February 4, The new agreement for the live, weekly three-hour block commenced in October Episodes of Raw are available for viewing the following day as a condensed minute version is available, not the full version as shown the previous night on the USA Network.

Recent episodes are available for on-demand viewing 30 days after their original air date. After WrestleMania 32 in , WWE began with airing the newest episodes of Raw and SmackDown on YouTube for countries that do not air WWE programming on traditional TV for free in less than 24 hours after the original broadcast The links are blocked in countries where the shows are traditionally available. The minute Hulu version gets put on YouTube for international audiences.

This meant that Canadian viewers would have to watch via tape-delay, as The Score did not broadcast Raw live at that time. During its run on TSN, which aired live , Raw occasionally had been censored live for extremely violent scenes, or when female wrestlers or characters were assaulted by male wrestlers particularly one segment that featured the 3-Minute Warning assaulting Kitana Baker.

These actions are supposed to be in order to meet Canadian broadcast standards, with repeat broadcasts often more heavily edited. This move had disappointed many wrestling fans over the years, and is unusual since the violence of wrestling scenes are not significantly different from other television programs aired on regular Canadian networks.

In Romania, Raw airs on Telekom Sport. In Russia, [] Raw airs on Match! Fighter with Russian commentary. And airs exclusive in Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Raw airs live on Starhub\’s Hub Sports 2 in Singapore. Raw airs both live and delayed on Fox8 and Thursday nights on 9Go!

Raw airs live on J Sports 4 in Japan. Previously the rights to broadcast Raw, along with other WWE shows, were held by free-to-air broadcaster e. However, in e. In SuperSport, along with its parent company MultiChoice , signed a deal to broadcast the hour WWE channel as a pop-up channel for five months on their DStv platform. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

WWE television program. The Raw logo as of July 22, with slight modifications from September 30, Television portal. WWE Corporate.


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